Initial diagnosis is Stage 4

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Hi.  This time last week I was diagnosed with primary BC which has spread to my bones. In total shock. Result of biopsy due Thursday.  Anyone been diagnosed with secondary at the same time as primary?  Mind is going crazy, I need to know what the future holds.  I am 57

  • Hi 

    I was diagnosed straight to stage 4 dane as you it’s in my bones this was in 2021 i was 44 at the time it was a total shock and it took me about 6 months to a year to get my head around it all i cried a lot but then i started to read others storey and decided i have to live i have a son so today i take it as it comes you are not alone x i really hope u get support and reach out x x 

  • Thank you. Have a lot of rib pain,  that was the reason I went to my doctor. So grateful he sent me for tests. But was not expecting the outcome. Cancer hadn't crossed my mind.  Got biopsy last Thursday,  results due this Thursday.  The waiting in the worst!

  • Can you tell me how you are doing and are they giving you hopeful news?

  • Hi it’s been a whirlwind but I have had my first chemo and yes they are def trying their best. I am on weekly chemo so next one Friday.  Lots of exhaustion and bone pain but I’m determined to remain positive and do my very best to conquer this again.

    How are you doing? 
    marie xx 

  • I've not got an appt with oncology yet,  think they are waiting on results from biopsy for 1 more thing (her2). Only pain I have is in my ribs. Full spine MRI this Thursday to see how bad it is. Also waiting on full body bone scan. So still very much on limbo.

  • Hello. I’m 51 and very fit and active. No one can believe I got cancer - least of all me!
     In July I was diagnosed with primary BC on the Wednesday and by Friday it was upgraded to secondary. I have one tumor in my pelvis and another wee spot nearby. Organs and spine clear. I had Prostap to stop my ovaries. Now on letrozole and Ribociclib  and bisphosphonates. I have my first check up scan today (results next week). It’s been a total rollercoaster. First three months I was a wreck but slowly I’m getting back to my old self. I feel fine on the meds and my bone pain has significantly decreased - it’s hardly there. I really hope that means the drugs are working. I’m back at work and enjoying life. I’m still angry and feel grief about what I’ve lost but I’m getting better at focussing on how well I feel now. If/when things go bad in the future, I’ll worry about it then. I deserve to be happy and my family deserve happy times with me.  I can’t let worry about the future steal what I have just now. 
    I wish you luck in your journey. Please try to see just now - before the worst thing has happened- as your golden time. 

  • Glad your treatment is working.  Got my first oncology appointment next Thursday. Actually can't wait to start treatment, hate this feeling of being in limbo. 

  • I really hope it all went well today with the scan. Also hope the oncology comes through asap. Let me know the progress. I had my PICC fitted this morning and off for second chemo tomorrow. Every step however small with treatment is positive for us. Thinking of you xx

  • Hi you sound very much like me lifestyle wise. It’s so cruel.I’m so pleased you have received what seems like very positive treatment and wow you’ve done well to get back to work. Yes I know this next 3 months with weekly chemo is going to be so tough and I just need to get the liver reduced in size and functioning properly. Im remaining positive as have so much to live for and like you my family deserve all the happiness we can get together. Im taking your wise words on board so thank you for sending. Please keep in touch and very best wishes to you. Marie xx

  • Hi, I am so sorry you find yourself here. I am new to this too and so far struggling with diagnosis. I was diagnosed 3 weeks ago straight to stage 4 with secondarues in lungs, liver and spine. My world felt apart overnight, I had no symptoms anywhere else other than the breast which the doctors could not believe. I felt like could I have not known!!

    I am 49 with 2 teenage children, telling them broke my heart and it still breaks for them everyday.

    I have just started Chemo this week and am beginning my journey. I am trying to stay positive but spend lots of time crying still, it comes in waves.  I am hoping the positive days come and I finally come to terms with this but I know it will take time.. Since diagnosis everything has been a whirlwind and not much time to process or find support.

    These groups really help and there are some great positive stories of people living full lives with treatment. I hope once you get a treatment plan you can begin to come to terms and find a way forward.

    Sending love.