Her2+ breast cancer recurrence treatment

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Hi everyone, I’m new here! I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2021.Her2+ only. 3cm tumour 4 nodes involved. Had a lumpectomy, margins weren’t clear so had a second lumpectomy. Margins clear second time. Was planned to have 6 cycles of doxetaxol and carboplatin every 3 weeks. And herceptin every 3 weeks also for 17 rounds. Unfortunately I only managed 2 cycles of doxetaxol due to a reaction so my remaining 4 cycles were carboplatin only and herceptin. I also had 20 rounds of radiation. I finished all treatment in November 2022 and by end of June this year I was diagnosed with local recurrence. I had a bilateral Masectomy 4 weeks ago and have been told I will need further chemo but can’t have radiation on same area again so soon. I meet with my medical oncologist next week but just wondering in the meantime what chemo I might be offered this time around. Any advice would be great so I can research it before I meet with the team. Thank you in advance Sunglasses

  • Hi PinkDee

    Welcome the forum and sorry to hear that you were diagnosed with breast cancer two years ago and that it has come back.  While I can't tell you what chemo you will be given this time I noticed that you haven't had any answers yet so I thought that I'd reply to you to welcome you to the forum and the online community.

    Wishing you the best of luck with whatever treatment your oncologist puts you on.

    Best wishes


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  • Oh my goodness pink dee. I read your post and thought ' I don't remember writing my story!?" I too had her2+ diagnosed in 2021. I did manage all the treatment: chemo first with an excellent response, then 3 lunpectomies in sites where it has been and cherry picked lymph node removal. Went on to have radiation to 3 sites and finishes my 18 cycles of herceptin at the very end of November last year. Routine mammals shows I have grade 3 DCIS and have no option but a mastectomy. I'm kinda heartbroken at loosing my boobie, terrified at the thought of surgery and  very pissed off!!! Knowing you have been through the same is so very reassuring as no one seems to " get" reoccurrence.

    I'm.so glad to hear you've done the double. I'm just going single to start. I won't know whether chemo is needed till I've had the pathology results after surgery.

    Would be great to connect some more.

    My very, very best to you 

    Maria x

  • Hi there,

    I'm so sorry you have a local recurrence. 

    Sadly I'm going through exactly the same having had a diagnosis in 2021 followed by surgery, chemo, 5x radiotherapy and herceptin but had to have  a mastectomy 3 weeks ago due to the recurrence .I too am awaiting oncology appointment. Nothing happens very quickly where I am so goodness knows when that will be. My cancer also has oestrogen receptors and so I will be changing my hormone therapy . I have a wound infection so feel a bit low at the moment.

    Although it will be your oncologist who will decide your next treatment I have looked at kadcycla which is herceptin and chemotherapy together.

    I wish you all the very best and am interested to know what you will be offered.and wish you all the very best with that treatment.

    Love and hugs

  • Hi there, so sorry that you too have a recurrence. I hope your mastectomy wound is now healed. Thank you so much for messaging.

    I've spent some time with the breast care nurses and have kind of got used to the idea of loosing the breast now and will be offered some counselling after. I'm terrified about lymphoedema afterwards as I know we are at increased risk due to previous surgeries, lymph node removal and radiation, but I guess we will cross that bridge if and  when it comes to it. 

    My cancer is DCIS now so no on and oncology plan, but if pathology results show anything sinister I guess that will change.

    How are you doing now? Any more treatment planned? 

  • Hi there,

    I am healing well now which is a relief and have an oncology appointment for the 12th December when I will be told of my next treatment plan.

    Strangely I am very grateful to be rid of my breast as I only saw it as something with cancer in and I felt only relief that it was gone ,Prior to  the infection I was amazed at how quickly I was recovering ,

    I am hoping that neither of us have lymphodoema but as you say, cross that bridge if needed..

    I am pleased you pathology is showing as DCIS and will keep everything crossed that that is the final pathology for you.

    Take care and I hope your recovery goes well.

    Love and hugs

  • Hello ladies I was diagnosed with her2+ breast cancer last September and had chemotherapy first to reduce the 3cm tumour, now I am having surgery on the 22nd march. Though I was advised for a lampectomy I feel I am going to ask for a mastectomy instead because my oncologist says I have dense breasts difficult to surveil.

    Can anyone help that has been in the same situation? Do we undergo chemotherapy after the mastectomy again?

  • Hi Shital

    Welcome to the forum and I’m sorry to hear you were diagnosed with breast cancer. Generally you’ll only have chemo after surgery if there is any cancer left in in the tissue that they’ll take during the operation.

    Wishing you the best of luck with the operation.

    Best wishes


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  • Hi Daisy thank you so much for the answer.

    And how about the procedure? Which one would you advise in my case in particular?

  • Hi so sorry to hear about your situation. Unfortunately I was diagnosed with her2+ ER+ breast cancer too. I started with chemotherapy to reduce the 3cm tumour and now will undergo surgery on the 22nd march.

    Surgeon advised lampectomy and more if needed to clear the margins with radiotherapy afterwards.

    But oncologist thinks a mastectomy would be better.

    Any advise ladies? Thanks in advance 

  • Hello Daisy

    I was interested in what you said to Shital. I was Her2+ and had chemo was then told I was also ER+ but not to worry as treatment would be the same! I had a double mastectomy after which I was told good news you are cancer free, there was just 10mm lump which has now been removed. I had no further chemo and wasn't offered radiotherapy. I was just given aromatase inhibitors. I am 3 years on but just wondered if I should be asking any questions. What was source regarding extra chemo. Thanks x