Hey new to cancer new to chemo


so I have just had my first chemo just over a week ago 

and it’s been a hard emotional rollercoaster of side effects , emotions and realisation.

i guess the biggest shock was I felt fine before I had chemo ,working and socialising/doing things 

but now I feel unwell  and unable to work

does anyone else remember feeling like this after their first chemo ? 
many tips would be much appreciated Blush


  • Hi yes, my first chemo was on 1st October last year. I had EC to start with and it left me feeling nauseous (no sickness) and a sort of drunk/ strange feeling and just totally washed out and so tired. I just took each day as it came and gave in to the side effects.

    I walked when I could, slept, ate what I wanted and ticked off each cycle. Chemo ended on 9th Feb and I'm almost back to normal (whatever normal is).You will get through this.

    Lou x

  • Hi, 

    Much like Jacala, my side effects were as described. 

    I had my 3rd treatment 10 days ago and they mostly follow the same pattern. I usually start to feel better from about 7 days post Chemo increasing to feeling normal the week before the next one.

    I especially hate the spaced out feeling which for me comes on after the steroids stop and last a couple of days. I found walking, and drinking loads helps,  I sleep when I need to and now won’t make plans to do much for the week after treatment. 

    I move to Taxol after the next EC, I wonder how that will go! 

    You’re doing the best you can and that’s is more than enough xxx 

  • I’m also struggling with chemo side effects just now, I’ve had 3 cycles of EC, then I had my first Taxol on Wednesday. Since Friday evening I’ve been feeling like I’ve got flu- legs aching and wobbly, woolly brain and not able to concentrate on anything. I know we just have to get through this, good to hear you’ve recovered  but it’s a challenge for sure X

  • Hi Harrigoose, just to let you know I had my first of 12 weekly Pax/Carb on Friday last week. 

    For me I have had no side affects at all so far, although I know it’s only day 2, so let’s hope it continues, and for you too. 

    My patner and I were away independently the week before last, and unfortunately he came back and tested positive for covid last Tuesday. I have tested negative all week, but today a feint positive line. Now have that to deal with. 

    I decided after 3 x EC not to do the cold cap last week for my first Pax/Carb, so will keep you updated again on when and how my hair comes out. Like you I now have bald patches like a monk with a comb over, and the thought of 6 hours every week on the ward was too much. 

    Have a good day everyone


  • Sorry to hear your husband has Covid, and I really hope you are ok. There is enough to deal with without that too! 

    Please do keep me updated, fingers crossed for no or minimal side effects. 


  • I have just had my second chemo and on the day I had much worse side affects that then first.  I think my nurse rushed the medicine as I felt rough before I left the hospital.

    Day two I felt better than the first time but spent most of the day in bed as I was so tired.  I'm on day three now and I can't wait not to take the steriods and anti sickness.  Last time I started feeling normal was on day 5 and by day 7 was ok. 

    The week of the next chemo I felt normal so hated knowing I was going to have to go through it all again.

    But on a plus side I'm getting through it slowly but surely.  I have two more fortnightly chemos then onto weekly for 12 weeks.

    I eat what I fancy but try to have lots of greens and fruit.  Also I can only drink bottled water and I have a daily appletiser.

    We can do this Muscle 

  • I found my first EC to be the worst, despite being told about it you just don’t realise how it will affect you. Once I realised and started taking the medication properly it was much easier, not easy but I knew how to manage it. Take your time , look after yourself and listen to your body. We are all different and you will find your way of managing it xx 

    I was lucky and kept working, reduced days and for me this really was a good send but I did listen to my body. I slept a lot, I got outside every day, I did some meditation with an app and this worked so well, especially at night. I drank litres of water Sweat drops 

    My cheno ended Nov 2021, mastectomy 29th Nov 2921, radiotherapy finished Feb 2022 and now heading towards number 8 of 14 herceptin. Hair back and short pixie cut, dyed it twice and working full tile. Still tired but feeling pretty positive with life 

    You will find your way, do what works for you, it’s your cancer and don’t let anyone tell you different, if it’s right for you then do it! Use this site and your care team, we are all with you Heartpulse

  • I had 9 paclitaxel after the 3 EC and found them much easier to cope with. 

  • Hi Lou 

    i am also on EC and have 4 sessions in total .

    did you find you become more tolerant to the 2nd time ? 

    yes I keep saying it’s like I have a hangover or feel drunk and I haven’t touched a drop lol 

    did you have EC the whole time ?

    I am then going on to DP trastuzumab and pertuzumab for 4 sessions . 


    Vicky x

  • Hey 

    that’s good to know I thought it might carry on like that whole I’m still on the EC 

    My next chemo is on a Thursday so indefinitely won’t make a lot of plans for anything the week after Thumbsup

    Hope your Next lot of chemo goes well 

    take care