Hey new to cancer new to chemo


so I have just had my first chemo just over a week ago 

and it’s been a hard emotional rollercoaster of side effects , emotions and realisation.

i guess the biggest shock was I felt fine before I had chemo ,working and socialising/doing things 

but now I feel unwell  and unable to work

does anyone else remember feeling like this after their first chemo ? 
many tips would be much appreciated Blush


  • It’s tough just getting through all the side efffects but I guess we can say at least the chemo is working if our body is reacting like this .

    here’s to feeling good when we can 


  • Hi 

    glad that you haven’t suffered from any side effects .

    i had the cold cap for my last EC and am gonna try it again . 

    did you say 6 hours ? Is that for another type of chemo with the cold cap ? 

    thanks x

  • Hi Lou,

    Yes I know exactly how you feel had my first session Wednesday and remember feeling really well the day before fast forward and I feel absolutely dreadful, like you I was out socialising and once I had come to terms with it  was feeling quite positive. Thought I might feel rough for a couple of days but there’s no pattern to it, and I have to go weekly. Just hope it improves. The only consolation is it’s coming into Summer would hate to go through this in the Winter. Take Care Sarah x

  • Hey 

    yes I think we have an idea but to be honest I think I was in denial and really thought I would feel ok . when I asked the doctors they said yes you can work and said you could be able to sail through just wait and see.so I guess I was so shocked because I wasn’t prepared but I know everyone reacts differently.

    you are so right we all need to find our way and get through it best we can 

    Im a hairstylist and work in a busy salon so all though I feel much better today on day 9 I still feel weak and don’t feel I can stand all day , be busy and give the best service to my clients .

    it felt like I was failing at first as I wanted to work but I now realise I’m not and I would be failing pushing myself to . 

    heres to looking after ourselves and putting ourselves and our health first 

    Thank you x

    • I felt like this too. The fuzzy head and slightly drunk feeling along with inability to concentrate on anything made it impossible to consider work or to be that useful at home. By about day 6 or 7 I felt much more normal, though my brain was not quite all there! It took slightly longer to recover with each cycle but I always had some normal days in my 2 week cycles. I took it like Jacala - had to accept it, sleep as and when, eat when I could, walking helped fatigue and fitting in something good on my better days. You should be fit to socialise next week, it just takes a bit of time to get there each cycle. 
  • Hi Tor

    my first EC absolutely floored me…the second wasn’t so bad, because I knew what was coming and I knew the bad but would be over by day 7. Like you, I was told ‘many women sa through it’/ ‘work through it’. I am glad my company aren’t making me as I honestly don’t know how people work that first week…I could barely get out of bed.   I do think you’ll feel better on your second round.  I am dreading round 3 this week but then will be half way through. 5 more seems such a lot on the first one and it’s all so unexpected. 

    best of luck with it all. We’ll be finished wit the worst of it for summer. Xx

  • Thanks Tor, I think I’d convinced myself that I could somehow beat the side effects by being positive and determined. Instead, the drugs have well and truly beaten me! But I did have a lymph node ultrasound after 3 cycles of EC, which showed a good response, so as you say, they are working 

  • I am just coming to the end of my first EC and to be completely honest I have been ok, I was expecting it to be awful, after the drunken feeling a the beginning on the day, I was ok, I am trying to do as much exercise as possible, Its more the low feeling that has floored me, I feel I am just getting more positive now, my hair has started to fall out even though I used the cold cap. Probably lost about 30%, not sure how much more i will use, I have my wig waiting!

  • Does anyone else have any ultrasounds scheduled?  Or how has your oncologist advised you they will be monitoring your chemo? 

    I choose not to cold cap due to the next weekly chemo I couldn't face bring at the hospital for an extra 3 hours.  

    Yesterday I had to shave my head and I would like to say it was liberating but I found it really hard.

    But my hair was falling more and more after 2nd chemo I could bare it and didn't want my two boys to get scared.  

    I have a wig lady coming tomorrow as I think that's best for Me for going out and about. 

    It appears all outside effects are the same so must being doing the job.  

  • Hi CP1

    I have just changed from 3 x 3 weekly EC to weekly Pax/Carb.  My oncologist scheduled in an ultrasound last week before I started my weekly treatment.  It was promising news as the tumour had shrunk from 11mm to 6/7mm. Fingers crossed the weekly sessions will reduce it even more.  Unfortunately I tested positive for covid yesterday, so have to delay this weeks treatment.

    I did cold cap for the EC, but like you the thought of an extra 3 hours each week put me off so will just see what happens.  I lost approx 50% of my hair using the cold cap, and have my wig ready when needed.

    Good Luck x