Lesion on acetabulum hip

At a recent CT scan I had (5 years NOD Ovarian cancer ) arranged because I have been having hip pain which is getting worse my consultant asked if in previous scans a lesion on my hip had been commented on 

I said it hadn’t, only arthritis in my thoracic region 

I also have arthritis elsewhere 

He was going to send for previous scans from my previous hospital ( I have had to change consultants as my previous one is on a sabbatical)

it has been 5 weeks now He said these things take time but am really anxious as am convinced it is bone cancer 

if it has not been listed before he will give me another scan in 2 months Can anyone advise please 

thank you 

  • Hi

    It's natural to assume the worst when we experience new or increased pain.

    I noticed that you'd posted something very similar to this post in the ovarian cancer group a few months ago and wondered if you'd seen the replies you'd had? If not clicking here will take you to them.

    As it's been 5 weeks since your scans were sent for you could give your CNS a call to see if they've arrived yet and, if not, perhaps she could chase them up for you.


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