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I have had a radical cystectomy in 2021 in London and have subsequently developed lymphoedema for which I am being treated.  I am intending to move to live in central Bath in the near future and am curious to know if there are any GPs whom anyone would particularly recommend to help me with ongoing follow up, prescriptions etc.  All suggestions most gratefully received as I know from personal experience how complicated this follow up can be,

Many thanks

Jan S

  • Hi Jan,I used to live in Bath.I can ask my friend if she knows of anyone.I would have gladly recommended the lovely gp I had there but sadly he died of cancer some years ago.Jane x

  • Hi Jane

    Thanks so much for getting back to me.  All information gratefully received! It's such a big step and I don't want to make an instant mess of it. Thanks again.

    Jan S

  • Hi Jan, I have heard very good things about Faireld Park surgery - doctors and admin team. Whilst I had a super fast 2ww referral from my surgery Great Pulteney Street all my subsequent appointments have been at RUH - hospital so can't really comment. Great Pulteney Street does however have a bit of a reputation for a gate blocker receptionist / very difficult to get past her for appointments. On the plus side the gynae oncology team at RUH have been excellent. 

  • Dear BBBath, thanks so much.  A little while ago we did look into the Pulteney Street practice and they were, in fact, very helpful and welcoming. Maybe the gate blocker was on her day off!  We are moving into a flat in Bath in the summer, I hope, so will investigate them again, Fairfield Park being a bit further away.  

    Once again, many thanks.

    Jan S

  • Hi Jan,I’ve sent you a friendship request if you want to accept it.I can tell you about one of the urologists at the RUH in Bath.Love Jane 

  • Hi Jane, can you tell me please how to find your friendship request. It's not obvious at this end.

    Thanks Jan

  • Hi  . Try checking your email notifications. You should have received one with an accept or request message. You can also click on the message icon at the top right of the screen to see if you have the request there. Best wishes.

    Best wishes to All,   rily.

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  • Thanks Rily. all done now. Much appreciated.