How are we all doing ?

Hi All. How is everyone doing? Anyone stuck indoors? Remember, this is a support group, and things don't always need to be medical. There is usually someone here if you just want a chat, a moan, or any stories. My wife has been stocking up on paint, so guess what I will be doing in the near future. Best wishes.

  • Hello everyone. Strange times eh. My daughter and grand daughter self isolated for 7 days in London to check they were clear then yesterday drove down to my house to move in for the foreseeable. Their flat is in the middle of having an extension built so they were down to living and sleeping in one room plus the dog! We decided that we would all be locked in soon so decided to do it together here. My daughter can work on-line . This morning I have been teaching Year 1 Maths. Blast from the past or what. Love to all. x

  • Hi,For those of you in isolation with access to the internet I can recommend genealogy as an absorbing pastime.I started because my surname is very rare and we are all related.There are plenty of free websites so it doesn’t have to cost a fortune.If you hit a brick wall with one line of ancestors you can concentrate on another.It’s an easy pastime to dip in and out of.Today I’m trying to find out more about some Prussian ancestors.Love to you all.Jane xx

  • My last trip to the pub was a week ago when I met a couple of volunteer lock keeper chums for a pie 'n' a pint. Needless to say, one of them has caught the pestilence so now it's time to self isolate and self intoxicate. At least I can get out with the dog.

    I've been researching my family for a couple of years, nothing remarkable turned up, mostly folk digging holes in fields, roads and dockyards in Devon, Wiltshire and Dorset. Just a couple of weeks ago, I discovered that I'm the six times great nephew of Charles Hall, founder of Hall & Woodhouse brewery in Dorset (aka Badger Ales). Curiously, I worked there for five years in the early noughties after being a pub tenant too some 25 years ago. That may explain why I've always felt at home in these counties.

    Is it gin o'clock yet?


    I may appear to be listening but in my head I'm all at sea. 

  • Hi Jane. Tracing your family tree can be really addictive and interesting. I traced my Dad's line back to the 1600s in Ireland. No money at all through the generations and lots of poverty, but you can get a good insight in to how people lived. With technology like Google earth, you can zoom in to places where your ancestors lived. Great stuff and a good way to pass the time. Best wishes.

    Best wishes to All,   rily.

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  • CB. Self intoxicating. Priceless. Joy Stay safe. Best wishes.

    Best wishes to All,   rily.

    What is a Community Champion ?

  • We're lucky to have a decent size house & garden & live in a village. Easy to go out for a walk & talk to people without getting too close. I must confess going to a friend's house for coffee this morning, but I suspect we won't do it again as her daughter is arriving tomorrow from the US.

    The garden will get more attention (weather permitting) & we have plenty of hobbies to do at home. Nearly all usual groups etc cancelled, but a few official meetings still going on - sitting well spaced apart. I've been laid off my remaining one day of work & I fear unlikely to be resumed. Fortunately we don't need the income.

    In this day & age, the phone & internet etc are a great boon for keeping in touch with friends & family. One son & family live in Japan (where life seems to be fairly normal apart from school closure) & other in Norwich (work slack but he's not too concerned) plus elderly mother half an hour's drive away - managing OK with local help so far.

    Barely a week in yet though, looks like months to come. Just have to get used to a new way of life.

  • PS Sainsbury limited me to only 1 bottle of wine in my online order today. But I did get toilet rolls....

  • Well here's an e-hug from me :)   Raising hand 


  • We  arrived in lanzarote  last Tuesday all ok until Sunday when we were told no one could be out other than to food shop go to the pharmacy and the tobacconist All other shops closed Pools and communal sunbathing areas were closed So glad I had a lounger on the balcony Two days ago social distancing  began lots if tables and chairs in bars and dining room were removed Have to say I have enjoyed lying in the sun reading and drinking red wine 

    Ryanair cancelled our flight home (we were Thomas Cook but love holidays swapped us to them )Airport  closes Sunday so I got a flight Saturday to Glasgow Nothing  else available. We live just outside Manchester! Got hotel at Glasgow airport and train  to Manchester booked Friend  who has an Italian  restaurant picking us up and taking us for meal at his restaurant then home Flight price was exorbitant thanks Jet 2 for your profiteering 

    Hotel staff have been fabulous Hotel has to close along with all others and self catering and villa rentals until 30th June 

    Hope when this passes the islands will recover 

    Not looking forward  to getting back hopefully we will find food and wine

    Take care everyone I'm hoping as gym closed the weather will be good so we can tidy the garden Otherwise I shall enjoy being  a couch potato 

    love to all Wilbert

    ps dog walking allowed and an enterprising soul offered his dog for50 € an hour lol xx

  • Hi thinking of you all. I took the dog to the beach today. He didn't like getting his paws wet it was lovely watching him experience something new. Xx