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Morning all

Before this treatment started, it was noted there was a slight swelling in my left tonsil so was sent over to ENT, he had a look with his torch then put the camera up my nose into my throat, he said he couldn't see anything of concern so to go ahead with treatment but would like to see me after treatment finishes and also said he would get one of the ENT consultants just to go over the scan, 

Since that, treatment has been going ok, apart from some of the side effects, bleurgh! In my appt with my nurse yesterday, she has given me some supplement shakes as my weights not doing too well, but then she eluded to at least we'll have these in place for when we deal with your throat because you will need them!

It was such a shock that i didnt have the capacity at yhe time to question anything and it takes me a bit to process things anyway, im going to try and catch up with her today, another bit of confusion thats definitely not needed, not at this stage