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Relapsed mediastinal non Hodgkin lymphoma

Diamond Girl
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My husband was diagnosed 5/4/17 with a large mediastinal  mass aged 44. 

He had 8 rounds of RCHOP (also had 5 neutropenic sepsis episodes).  Had a PET CT scan Nov18 was told Jan 18 he was in remission.  

CT scan July 18 showed it had grown, PET CT scan Aug 18 showed positive cancer uptake!! 

End Aug 18 started RESHAP (between 2-4 lots?) with a view to having a STEM CELL TRANSPLANT hopefully.


Anyone else had relapse in such a short period of time?

Anyone else had both these chemo’s and what was the success/outcome for you?                  

Anyone had a similar journey?                

Anyone else not able to have radiotherapy (due to the mass location)?

What other chemo’s for this are there out there please tell?

Why don’t they take a second biopsy (in case the cancer grade changes from low to high - from non-aggressive to aggressive)?

Why are consultants so reluctant to give a positive prognosis but are so quick to rule out a terminal diagnosis? 

Sorry about all the questions. 

Diamond Girl 

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Hi and welcome to the Online Community but sorry to see you finding us.

I am Mike and I have lived with a rare type of NHL for over 19 years have been through lots of treatments including two Stem Cell Transplant so understand where you are coming from.

The best thing you can do is talk with folks on the same journey so follow these two links SCT and NHL. Hit them and have a look round and if you think that we can help, hit the 'Start a Descussion' tabs and repost your information as someone including myself can help yo out.

This battle can be won.

((hugs)) from Mike 

Mike - Thehighlander

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