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Breast cancer - possibly?!!

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Hi everyone, I am currently waiting for the results of biopsies  taken on Wednesday from an 8mm lump found during my yearly mammogram. A sample was also taken from a slightly enlarged lymph node too. I have a family history of ovarian and breast cancer which is why I am having yearly mammograms at age 46, but I am freaking out somewhat. I feel like I have been waiting for this to happen actually. Me and my sisters have had hysterectomies due to the ovarian risk, but I feel like the clock has been ticking and that the big c would get me sometime soon, (my mum died when she was only 50 from ovarian cancer)...this year is 30 years since she died...sorry, feeling quite negative about it right now...   

Chemo regime:
4 (2 week) cycles of EC followed by 4 (3 week) cycles of carboplatin  with paclitaxel on days 1, 8 &15 (weekly).
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Hi and a very warm welcome to the online community although I'm very sorry that you've had to find us.

I see that you've already joined and posted in the breast cancer for under-50s group and I'm sure you'll get a reply and support from the ladies in that group. You might also like to join the very active and friendly main breast cancer group. To join just click on the link I've created and then select Join This Group on the page that opens. You could then click on Start A Discussion and copy and paste your introduction there as well.

Best wishes x

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