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Small cell lunge cancer

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hiya I’m 48 just been diagnosed with lunge cancer I feel like I’m alone this as come a shock to me I would like anyone experien in this please 

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Hi Wenworld

I am sorry you have had to join this site, but you are most welcome.

Please join the lung group and post any questions you may have.

I belong to this group every one is so nice and very helpful, we have been where you are at this moment in time.

You will be all over the place and your mind will be doing summer salts.

I have NSCLC and other SCLC.

We all support each other, you are not alone here we know how it fill's to get a diagnosis .

Do you know what your treatment plan is we all get a treatment plan.

I started with chemo and now on a new drug immunotherapy.

Take Care Ellie xx

You Never Walk A Lone".

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As has said, welcome to the Macmillan site, although equally - I too am sorry that you find yourself here.

I see that you haven't joined the lung cancer group as yet and if you click this green link, then it will take you straight to it.  To be able to join in with discussions /post questions of your own  just click "+join this group"

As you have already seen, there will be supportive people there able to help you emotionally through this as well as offer advice.

Kindest wishes,

Lesley x

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