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Husband has stage 4 terminal liver cancer

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Following removal of prostate and radiotherapy, my husband developed bowel cancer. He had surgery, and illiostomy, and 6 months chemotherapy. He had stoma reversal last November. In February he was diagnosed with stage 4 liver cancer. He had another round of iv chemotherapy. Unfortunately this has shrunk but not killed tumours. He is due for liver surgery in Sept. I'm completely overwhelmed. No support in our area of North Wales.

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Hello , and a very warm welcome to the Site. I am so sorry to hear your news and the added pressure of no support in your area. It's no surprise that you feel overwhelmed; I feel for you. Are you able to talk things over with  your husband's specialist nurse as a way of getting some release? You might like to join the Carers Only group where you will find a lot of online support, there's also the Chat Group for another place to meet others in the same type of situation. It might help to speak to your doctor and ask for counselling or therapy/group therapy to help you get through this very difficult time. Thinking of you,

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I'm sorry to read your post but I am also North Wales and my husband has stage four bowel cancer.  At the moment I have no support in place I've been advised to contact my GP who will organise everything I need.

I've found this site really helpful whenever I've needed it

Much love 


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Thank you for link to carers group. Specialist nurse based in Liverpool, where husband going for surgery. I'm seeing my GP next week, so I'll talk to her.