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Any pelvic exeneration survivors?

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10 years post op 

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Hi , welcome to the community, great news about being 10 years post op, never heard of this before though - always a bit of a learning experience on here.

I did a search across the site and could not find anyone having mentioned this before, often people drift in and out when they first join the site.



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Hi - I am a total pelvic exenteration survivor - op on 1 Nov 17 as a result of stage 4 cancer. xx

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Hi there, just saw your post after looking for other women that have had pelvic exenteration...& I found you! I had it done 10th sept 2018 so about 4 months ago, gosh what a slow recovery & emotional! Hope you don’t mind me contacting you to see how you are doing now as you are ahead of me? Love Michelle, Suffolk xx