New to forum - Just started FLOT chemo for tumour at GOJ junction of oesophagus

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Hello New person to this forum , some background from me . I am 60 Year old , Father of two married children with 2 Granddaughters. I am fit and active playing golf and regular attender to my local fitness center.

I have previously had no major health issues . I had Small discomfort in my lower stomach and occasional difficulty with some swallowing only small amounts rarely. However i was referred for an Endoscopy in April , where it was identified i may have a malignant tumour at GOJ junction of Oesophagus, Following another Biopsy , a pet scan , CT scan and Laproscopy it was confirmed stage T2/3 . Poss spread to nearby Lymph Nodes but not to other organs.

Started this week on  24th my first of 4 two week cycles of FLOT chemotherapy , then if ok plan to remove all my stomach in Ivor Lewis Procedure , then another 4 cycles of FLOT.

Like i guess many of you now starting the treatment this has become really real and scary , both in terms of effects of chemo, and what is ahead.

Cannot believe i am actually on this forum writing about such things, mentality also trying to come to terms with this as well as physically.

I would like to hear from anyone who is going through similar treatment at what ever stage. Be good to share experiences with people who actually understand, and despite all having good family and friend support network not same , than from people who understand.

Best wishes all and apologies for length of this note

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