So took myself for a walk popped into shop and was not prepared for my reaction absolutely lost it panicked just walked in to roses cards and the it threw me just the feeling  of lose and never getting a card rose again so sobbed all the way home it’s just crap is all I can say 

  • Hello Ebony12

    How well you’ve said what I feel. My husbands younger sister told me less than a week after I’d lost my husband that I shouldn’t worry he was watching over me. I’m afraid my response was to tell her that I’d really rather he was actually sitting on the sofa resting his eyes. 
    What I’d give for a hug.

    take care, sending virtual hugs


  • Hi

    i really think people just don’t know what to say and don’t mean any harm.

    yeah, me too a hug would be wonderful.

    take care. Xx

    Grief is the flip side of love
  • Hi I agree with you both , I know friends and family mean well but if another person says ...but you have 30 years of memories  I am going to scream so loud I will shatter glass!!  Xx

  • Couldn’t agree more, Lee Bop. And I’m feeling rather fragile as tomorrow will be another of those blooming’ hard firsts- it’s my birthday. It’ll be the first without him since my 20th, and tomorrow I qualify for my state pension. 
    Take care, sending hugs


  • Hi

    just rereading messages I wondered how your birthday was, these birthdays anniversaries are just not the same in fact so heartbreakingly hard , along with Sunday’s I just dread them even if I have family over I always have a good cry.


    lee bop xx

  • Hello Lee Bop

    Thank you for asking, much appreciated.

    It was emotional but I have to say our eldest son did a lovely job of making it as good as it could be and our younger son who lives in America kept in touch virtually too. Their dad would have been proud of them but that adds to the emotion too! 
    Mondays are my dreaded day of the week, so I know what you mean about Sundays. 
    This week I’ve got my eldest son’s 40th on Wednesday followed by Chris’ birthday two days later, so it’s going to be another emotional week of firsts. I think I’m dreading Friday most of all. Son 1 and I have plans to mark the day but I know it’s going to be a hard one, especially as the place I’d choose to go is too far away under current restrictions.

    Take care and virtual hugs