So took myself for a walk popped into shop and was not prepared for my reaction absolutely lost it panicked just walked in to roses cards and the it threw me just the feeling  of lose and never getting a card rose again so sobbed all the way home it’s just crap is all I can say 

  • Hi Sunsarah

    Yes it certainly is crap, and a lot of other things,  i can empathise with you  totally,   i lost my lovely husband of 47 years last August  , i was with him from age 19 and i feel  completely lost,  I've had my birthday since, which was awful , he always gave me a lovely card, then not long after that it was Christmas which was dreadful without him,  and now as you say Valentine's day,  then i have his birthday soon, every first brings terrible pain and loneliness,  i cant see it getting any better atbthe moment., i understand your reaction,  I've been the same . I read your profile  its early days for you as it is for me. It a day at a time is all i can do, 

    Take care sunsarah. X

  • I’m going to put up the last one my husband sent me, last year and count my blessings for being loved Heart️xxx

  • Hello both

    Yes, it’s crap. I lost my amazing husband of 44 years last October, and I too was 19 when we met and started going out. Have somehow got through Christmas but Valentines Day now looms along with my birthday later this week, and his birthday two weeks later. The pain is at times unbearable. I always thought that nothing could be more painful than seeing Mothers Day cards everywhere after losing my mum. How wrong was I? 
    I’m still taking each day as it comes- supported by my sons and daughter in law and an amazing group of friends. But the pain and sadness never really goes away.

    I’ve got last year’s  cards out to put up and to remind myself of the love we shared. 
    Take care, ending virtual hugs


  • I put up my cards from last year- 12 February anniversary 21 years, 13 February my 58th !! birthday then 14th Valentines HeartCupid  I have all our cards etc going back years True Love Never Dies CouplekissHeartbeatCupid xx

    Tomorrow is another day
  • Hi all

    valentines has a special meaning last year Keith planned a surprise  weekend away to the seaside our last venture out amongst all the treatment and shielding but I do have beautiful photos and memories .I was also 19 when I meet and started dating my hubby my heart goes out to you all having to deal with very important dates coming up or just past the biggest virtual hugs and love to you all 

  • Hi 

    First valentine's for me too. I've been avoiding shops more than usual but forgot about adverts on tv. One came on the other day with love songs...I fell to pieces so have avoided live tv as well.

    We never sent each other cards but John always bought me red roses.

    So I'm trying to keep busy, take myself off for a long walk with my dog, I feel better when Im walking...and today will soon be over, I keep thinking.

    It really is so painful...sending love and hugs to you all xx

  • Hi All

    like you I have been dreading valentines it seems to be everywhere which makes it harder it’s in shops adverts on TV , I tried so hard this week to have a positive attitude telling myself   Appreciate what you have and had rather than what you lost ... can’t say I’ve done too well with that. It was sad waking up knowing my 2 cards would not be on the door mat Nick for 30 years always presented 1 was from an admirer and I played along oh how I miss these silly things . Let’s get through today and get strong every time we get through all celebrations and anniversaries we would have shared. Take care all xx

  • Crap day all round. Cried twice already despite my attempts to be positive. Have put out our old cards to each other and will go to church where his ashes were interred.  

    Like Sarah21 I seem to feel a bit better when I walk, so I’ll grab the dog and hit the ground with my boots on. Literally turning into Forrest Gump right now. On the positive side it allows me to eat more treats. Every cloud....

  • Well so far I’ve turned off the radio, tried TV but adverts got to me too. Thought about playing a cd or two......well that’s not going to happen! And yes, already shed tears. 
    Hugs to all of you missing your special someone so much it physically hurts


  • Hi all

    Sending you all a virtual hug to get us all through the day.

    our family and friends mean well when they say you’ve got your treasured memories and they are right, we have those.

    On the whole this keeps me going but then there’s days like today when it doesn’t cut the mustard, I don’t want my soulmate to be a treasured memory, I want him here now with me. I get signs and that is so comforting, and we had something not all people manage to get in their lives but today it makes it all the more raw that I will never get that bear hug cuddle, that look of love from my sidekick.

    Today, I have shed tears, but I will pick myself up as always and carry on living as that’s what he wants me to do.

    I hope everyone gets through this day as best they can.

    much love


    Grief is the flip side of love