Just been diagnosed

Hi Everyone

I was diagnosed with Endometrial carcimona stage l on Tuesday this week.

Emotions are all over the place at the moment, crying one minute angry the next, 

I had MRI/CT Thursday so waiting on  results and the MDT to advise my treatment plan.

Its the waiting and the not knowing that is hardest to take.

I know I am omly starting on this journey, but hope being able to chat with others who have or going through the same  will help me also to come to terms with it.

Honey B

  • Dear HoneyB

    Im sorry that you have found yourself here with us but you couldn't be amongst a more supportive group of lovely ladies, I'm in my 7th week post hysterectomy, Mrsceedee and I had our operations on the same day and we helped each other through it. Like Madesp, I have high grade serious cancer and her help and support has been a real comfort. I have just had my 1st Chemo and shes on her 4th cycle.

    I remember making my first post on this site feeling so frightened and confused I knew i had serous but had to wait 3 weeks for my 1st consultant appointment. My mind was doing loops and i had read so much on Dr Google that was out of date it put me in a spin.

    MarmiteFan advised me to call my CNS which was the absolute best advise. My nurse could see my CT results and said that it showed my cancer was contained in my womb and had not spread as far as they could tell and that i would be having an hysterectomy. This helped settle my nerves during my 3 week wait.

    We are here for you, but please contact your CNS you never know they may have your MRI/CT results available to share if not now maybe in a few days.

    Hugs Robin x   

  • Honey B, do you know which day your MDT meets? If you don’t, you can ask your CNS as that may give you a clue as to when you will get your results. In some hospitals the CNS can tell your results before your appointment, but at mine I had to wait for the appointment 

  • Hi Honey B

    I'm sort of in the same situation as you....I was diagnosed with what appears to be a phase 1 womb cancer although just awaiting on MRI results which should be available in about a weeks time (the bank holiday has delayed things a little).

    I did phone my CNS to advise I'd had the MRI and although she wasn't available the lady on the phone told me when the MDT would next be held....she then later rang me back to advise of my next appointment ( I wasn't aware of it as the letter hadn't arrived).  

    I agree that the waiting and waiting is one of the most difficult times....one minute I'm feeling positive and ready to fight this...the next I just want to go to sleep and not wake up....I've not been feeling too well either so it is hard to take your mind of it and I'm fearing the worst.

    My MRI was on Tuesday and my next appointment is next Thursday so I would guess that your results would be around the same time as just over a week although it seems you got your MRI quite quickly after diagnosis as mine took about 10 days.

  • Hi _ yes I had MRI on 31st May and next appointment with consultant is 9th June.

  • Ejax we will be thinking of you next Thursday - do let us know how you get on 

  • Hi Ladies

    Thank you all for your helpful and supportive messages

    Just wanted to let you know i had my appointment with my consultant this morning , I will be having a Laparoscopic hysterectomy and been booked in on 21st June for the procedure , said i will be in 1 to 2 days, 

    Take care

    Speak soon xx

    Honey B

  • Hi Honey, really pleased for you that you have a date! If you haven’t had it already, you will have a pre-op assessment appointment first. Just think, this time in two weeks’ time you should be home and recovering!

  • You may find this thread of interest - I wrote it in diary form from op day onwards 


  • Also you may benefit from this thread started by MrsBJH re what to take in your overnight bag for your op: community.macmillan.org.uk/.../1696602

  • Hi marmitefan59

    Yes i had my pre-op assessment a couple of weeks ago as I was originally going to have the hysteroscopy under general anesthetic.

    Had a call earlier to go back at 4pm to have a heart scan, doctor has ordered this so not sure why  as ECG was done when i had my pre-op, im sure i will know soon.