Anxious waiting for results

Hi I'm Louise and I'm new to the group. I have been diagnosed with womb cancer recently and I am waiting for results of a CT scan I had almost 2 weeks ago. I've been told I need a full hysterectomy and maybe treatment afterwards it depends what stage the cancer is. The longer I'm waiting for the results the more anxious I'm getting. Help I feel I need some reassurance to get through this next stage. I should have my results tomorrow and will post again wheni do. I'm glad I can speak on this forum my partner is being supportive but doesn't really want to talk about what's going on.

  • Hi Louise,

    I, as well, totally understand how anxious you are. Everyone here has felt the same way at times. As Bubble and the other ladies have said, waiting is terrible. I think most of can deal with what we know and what steps will be taken to rectify our situations, however, little is as daunting as the unknown. It's fuel we add to the fire of our imaginations.

    My husband is totally unable to understand or even empathize. It makes it so much more difficult. So, he's of no help at all. I have told very few people about my fears and worries, however, I'm totally comfortable expressing them here on this forum. At times, I felt I just couldn't hang on and decided to come on here and found everyone understanding and helpful.

    All I can really say is that I do feel your fears. I share them. Yet, make a huge attempt to do something or just about anything else to occupy your mind until tomorrow. Then, let us know how you feel. We're as close as right here to chat and help in any way we can. I know I speak for everyone.

    Take care.

    love and big hugs, Ms Muggle (jan) xx

    • I've been told by the nurse dealing with my care that it looks like it's contained in the womb and they canonly tell if it's pentrated the muscle after my hysterectomy. Thank you for your reply MrsBJH, it's nice to get some more info from someone who's been there I will take that on board and make sure I have a good weekend and try to put it all out of my mind