Vulva skin

Hi, does anyone have a go to cream / ointments to treat the vulva skin? My skin is so sore I have ulcer like sores and a change to the anatomy everything is tight and swollen.  I'm on gabapentin for pain but its not working,  I can't sit or walk it feels like razor blades.

I have bladder cancer, the vulvar is secondary.

  • Hi Julia, I have vulval cancer (successfully removed but spread to lymph nodes) as well as erosive lichen planus.  The consultant gave me cream but it contained petroleum product and doesn't suit me.  I've used coconut oil which helped but then discovered this product which I love.

    You can use it both to wash and moisturiser and there's no hidden nasties in it.

    Sandra xx

  • Hi Julia

    I have had very sore skin through using Aldara to treat Paget’s disease of the vulva. I used lidocaine gel to numb the area - instillagel from my GP. I also used epimax original cream and aquafor. If it was very sore or itchy sometimes I would place a clean cloth with ice cubes in it on the vulvar area - very soothing. You can also get iced pads from Amazon. Ibuprofen long lasting capsules helped too.