Just diagnosised

Hi everyone 

I was diagnosed just over a week ago and awaiting mri and to see consultant I been so calm apart from first two days I don’t eat and was being sick my son has been away with college he has special needs and today I have been emotional wreck I convinced my self am going die and I won’t see my 40th in July or my son 18 in aug .. how do u guys cope with these emotions x I found amazing support group on Facebook but sometime I feel like am sharing to much and driving ppl daft 

  • Hi

    I'm sorry to hear this I was diagnosed in early Jan, I'm 52.  I've had 3 lots of chemo, cant say it was great but really cant complain either I only had mild effects, I have appointment on Monday to go back and see Gyno to see when I will have to be operated on.  This I am dreading more than the chemo.

    There no right or wrong answer on how to cope, its down to you has a person and obviously you personal circumstances but on here there lots of people to encourage you and who will understand what you are feeling and going through so always pop on here if you need help and encouragement.  You will have good and bad days and when you know more then you will be able to sort out what you need and what you want to do so the madness should calm down as you will have a plan

    Fight is all you can do, Take Care xxx

  • Hi! I'm 74 and was diagnosed in January this year too.  I had partial lumpectomy and removal my scc and  2 sentinel lymph nodes in March.  Unfortunately, there were traces of cancer in the lymph nodes.  My team decided that next step should be removal of several more lymph nodes for biopsies and this is being done on 26 of this month.  I recovered well from original operation but dreading this one. I've been told I will be in hospital for up to 2 weeks, probably because I live alone.  I had excellent care by hospital and when I got home last time with visits from District Nurses to check my wounds.  I have complete faith in my hospital team but would be very grateful for any advice from anyone who's been through this operation xx

  • Hi how are you getting on I have my op tomorrow and dreading it, they have decided to take my lymph nodes without doing a biopsy so confused and worried any advice