Not responding to chemo - anyone had a good outcome after this news?

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Hi all,

Has anyone got a successful or good enough outcome after being told you haven't responded to chemo?

After my first lot of chemo (paclitaxel) my main tumor chunk from 16mm to 9mm but then I started epirubicin and after the 3rd round my main tumor has grown back to 14mm. I'm waiting on full body CT results and a further plan now. 

I'm just wondering if anyone has had a similar experience because I am freaking out. 



  • Ec didn’t work for me and paxitaxol I had a limited response so I had surgery early and did oral chemo for 6 months 

    I am now 3 years out of treatment and there wasn’t immunotherapy in those days you maybe eligible for that. 

  • I’m waiting to see what the response my tumour has had to EC. I had an MRI partway through Paclitaxel and carboplatin and it hadn’t shrunk but had flattened. I was gutted as I wrongly presumed after all that chemo something more would have happened.
    Good luck Sarah x

  • Did you have a mastectomy or a lumpectomy? Happy to hear your 3 years out now. Do you remember what your oral chemo was called?

    I have had immunotherapy but it was attacking my gut so they had to stop it as could have caused some serious damage. 

  • I hope all good news for you for when you get your results. Apparently they don't expect much change with the Pac but do expect change with EC so I've been the opposite way around. When do you recieve your scan results?

  • Results and discussion about surgery next Wednesday. I didn’t realise that about them expecting more of a response from EC. 
    when will you get your results? 

  • Yeah. My consultant said that to me at the very beginning and then when I went in for my scan half way he said the same. I get my results in the morning. I'm terrified. 

  • I had a bilateral mastectomy, the oral chemo is called capecitabine and it was ok apart from hands getting sore. 

  • My situation is similar, I had  three rounds of paclitaxel and the tumour grew in that time, ive just had one round of EC to see if that has any affect but if not they’re going to do surgery. Ive been called in for a CT scan too though they’ve not said why. Just when you think you have a plan it’s really scary when it doesn’t seem to be working but they must see this a lot. I find the lack of communication and waiting really hard but you’re not alone. EC has made me feel terrible too, much worse than pac. It’s hard to feel positive when you feel so crap See no evil

  • I'm sorry your in the same situation as me. I've had my scan and thankfully it's not spread anywhere but is growing really quickly. I get my scan date today as they had to have another MDT following the scan. That's what your scan will be for, to see if it's gone anywhere and then they will.decide what to do. Was you to ever have surgery? Was that jn tbe original plan?

  • Yes but not til after the chemo and was aiming for lumpectomy so this will be full mastectomy. I guessed the CT was to check for spread which is a really scary thought, I have it Friday then it’s the wait which is the hard bit. I guess at least I’ll know for sure and hope I have the same news as you that’s it’s not spread. Not sure if I’m happy about early surgery or not, I want it gone but I also want the best long term outcome and not sure what’s best for that…it’s so hard. So glad you had good news though and hopefully they can make a new plan. Oral chemo has been mentioned to me.