Newly diagnosed triple negative with lung and bone metastasis

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Hello everyone.  I'm just joining the group with a diagnosis as above.  Awaiting a CT of my brain to see if it's spread there too but hoping to start chemo next week - I was supposed to start a month ago but they spotted shadows on my lung CT so had to have PET which found the metastatic cancer.  Not really asking any questions, just making my presence known and giving you all a wave.

  • Hi there

    Sorry that your having to join this group! I haven't posted on here for sometime but was diagnosed in Jan 23 with Denovo TNBC. Cancer was found in the left breast, lymph nodes and liver. My treatment throughout my cancer journey has been immunotherapy and chemo. I continue to fight the fight as much as I'm able to!! J

  • Thanks for your reply!  I'm hoping to have immunotherapy too, if the cancer is suitable. I should find out this Friday when I see the oncologist.  It's all a bit of a shock, isn't it?  Keep fighting the fight! E

  • Good Morning,

    I just finished all my treatments for TNBC.  Chemo for 5 months, surgery in January 2024, 21 rads treatments and now on Xeloda for 8 cycles.

    I had Stage 2A TNBC node negative and it responded very well to treatment.  I just had my 6 month follow up MRI and read the report last night.

    I was so nervous that I got in my pajamas, got in bed and scrolled one line at a time.  Couldn't breathe.  Everything looked great - no sign of anything in

    either breast.  Then I see "Other" and my heart stops.  Reports says I have an indeterminant sternal lesion and it requires a CT follow up.  I am waiting to talk with my Onc today hopefully.

    I need a plan, i am much better at dealing with things when I have a solid "plan" so we will see whats next.

    not sure if i can have chemo again so soon or if they will do surgery.....

    Hang in there, and take it one day at a time, enjoying each and every day .  I try not to let worry take up too much of my time -  "try"

  • Thanks for your reply.  I hope you and your oncologist have managed to put a plan in place - I too feel better when I know that there is a plan of action.