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Hi, I'm new to the forum and just introducing myself. 

I was diagnosed with TNBC stage 1, grade 3 in March 2023. I had a lumpectomy which was excised with good, clear margins.

I then had 15 out of the planned 16 chemo sessions which were 4 x 2 weekly EC followed by 11 x weekly (should have had 12) paclitaxel with 4 x 3 weekly carboplatin. I've also had 4/9 zoledronic acid. My 5th is soon. 

Throughout treatment, I said I wanted my breasts (prefer the word boobs) removed as I hated them and didn't trust them. I don't carry a gene fault so this was a fight. Anyhow, my surgeon was great and got where I was coming from even though he didn't really agree and together, along with a psychological assessment, we got me a bilateral mastectomy. That was in December 2023.

Histology was clear in January 2024. I had a CT scan in Nine 2024 as I was having some leg and groin pain but this was clear. 

I'm left with a little neuropathy in my fingers and feet from chemo. That's about it. Other than losing my hair and having very low neutrophils throughout chemo (which G-CSF can fix) I was completely well. I carried on working from behind a screen (I work in schools and my oncologist said I wasn't allowed in them for fear of infection during chemo).

We are all stronger than we think. I can reflect on this note in out the other side. It was a strength I never knew I had. 

Take care all. 

  • Hi Catzeees

    Welcome to the forum and I am sorry to hear that you were diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer.  I agree that we are all stronger than we think.

    Best wishes


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  • Interesting you had leg pain asi had too and got a scan!  I wish I had a mastectomy too but they wouldn’t as I don’t have the faulty gene. It still worries me but it’s hard to go against what they suggest.  But I know where you are coming from wanting rid. Best of luck. 

  • Hi Daisy53 I see you a lot on this forum. You are always to helpful.  I’ve read your blog. You are from Tramore. I am Irish too living in London.  Just to see hello really. I was diagnosed June 23.  A long rad. Now on Cape tablets. 

  • Thanks MaggieH.  Hope the Cape tablets are being kind to you.

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