Chemo side effects

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Just had my first treatment 5 days ago and had minimal bone pain but 4 days later had wretched cramping, vomiting and toxic diarrhea.  I have sores in my mouth and need to find out what I can do for the discomfort.  I try to think that these side effects mean that it is killing the TNBC as the same time. I go in every 3 weeks and so I still have 5 more treatments with chemo and immunotherapy.

  • You can rinse with salt water, or ring your chemo nurse they can give you some mouth wash. I had a really bad reaction to my first chemo I told my oncologist & he reduced it by 30% the reaction was minimal from there. Also for leg pain ginger massage oil works wonders, it stinks but works.  Hope that helps x 

  • Hi Cyn,

    Sorry to hear you've been suffering.

    I had 12 weekly rounds of chemo last year for tnbc followed by 4 stronger chemo cycles. To combat side affects for the first 12 weeks I only ate vegetables the day before, the day of and the day after chemo (making sure I ate plenty the other days of the week to keep strength and weight up).

    When my chemo got stronger I fasted for the same period and ate well at all other times. I also exercised everyday without fail.

    I'm glad to say my side affects were minimal. Just sharing, as this is what worked for my and got me through all the chemo. 

    I was given mouthwash before my chemo started so ask about this.

    Still having immunotherapy therapy.

    Hope you feel better soon to carry on the fight and through your next chemo.

    Hope this helps xx

  • Hi Sunshine, thank you for sharing this, please may I ask what exercise you do? I’m struggling to be as active as I was before chemotherapy started just through the tiredness? Xx thank you! 

  • Hi Cyn, so sorry to read this but I would suggest you contact your BC nurse and tell them as you may have had an allergic reaction to the chemotherapy? Did they give you anti sickness and anti allergy tablet beforehand? I think it’s definitely worth mentioning to them. I hope you feel better and they work out why it was so bad. Take care and love and hugs to you xx 

  • Hi DenM,

    I hope your well.

    I was an active gym goer before tnbc so I tried to keep this up at home everyday. Some days were a struggle but felt better after.

    My husband and i also kept up with our cycling every week, I did as much as I could do. I suprise myself with what I could do.

    I think keeping up some of the norm really helped to cope with treatment and my mental health.

    Hope this helps xx

  • Hi DenM,

    I did weights in the gym and when I couldn't go to the gym I used what I had in the house.

    Hope this helps xx

  • Very helpful Sunshine15, I’ve dug my weights out and been for a lovely walk today. The first day of getting my head back in the game! Thank you xx Kissing heart 

  • Always here if you need a chat or some encouragement.

    Such a lovely day for a walk, I went for a cycle.

    I hope your next chemo goes well xx 

  • Hi Sunshine15, thank you for inspiring me to do better with my exercise. Hope your treatment goes well too xx 

  • Thank you, I can see the end of treatment now which seemed so far away at one point.

    If there's anything I did during my journey that can help someone else I'm always happy to share this. xx