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Hi everyone, I’m new to the group and just wondered if you coulD share your experiences of radio therapy as in how many sessions did you have after surgery.

I was diagnosed in June last year and have had 12 weeks of paclataxel, 4 EC, immunotherapy and I have just had surgery 5 weeks ago.  Radiotherapy now and I’ve been told it could for 1 to 3 weeks.  How do they decide if you need 1 or 3 weeks? 


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    After my TNBC diagnosis I had a lumpectomy followed by 3 rounds of EC and 12 weeks of paclitaxel. I then had 10 sessions of radiotherapy, ie 2 weeks Monday-Friday. 


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  • Hiya - I have TNBC and have had the same treatment as you by the looks of things! I had a full mastectomy and lymph node clearance and am now having 3 weeks of radiotherapy. I'm not sure how they calculate it but I'm guessing I'm having the full 3 weeks as my lumps were grade 3 and the chemo didn't totally get the cancer. Have you had your appointment with the oncologist and given consent yet? If not, make sure you ask at that appointment how long the radiotherapy will be for. x

  • Thanks guys, I met with the oncologist and he’s said I’m having 3 weeks worth, I opted for a tumour bed boost in addition to the normal radiotherapy.  I’m a if they offer it take it kind of person, thrown everything I can at it.

    Thanks again for replying to my comment. 

  • What's a tumour bed boost?! That sounds very advanced! I had my first sesh today but nearly didn't get there in time as the traffic was HORRENDOUS. Note to self: leave earlier tomorrow! x

  • Apparently it’s an extra dose of radiotherapy where the tumour was as well as having radiotherapy to the whole breast. 

    How do you feel after your first session? 

  • Ah! Double whammy!

    I felt a bit tired when I got home and possibly mildly nauseous. My collarbone felt a bit achy too but other than that, I feel okay thanks. Managed to wash the car this afternoon too! Not looking forward to going back in tomorrow though - my right arm was so so so achy during the treatment and it almost made me cry. 

  • I'm being given 5 sessions. They said it depends on the oncology results. I had no cancer in the lymph nodes removed but I did have cancer in the lump removed, although it had a clear margin. 

  • It all depends on the results of the surgery. The better they are, the less radiotherapy you will have. I had one week.