Which hospitals in London specialise in TNBC treatment..

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Hi I'm  new to this forum and would like some advise about hospitals in London with consultants that specialise in treatment for TNBC.



  • Hello Janice,

    Ive been really well looked after at St. Bartholomew’s in London. The Pembruzolembaub, carboplatin, and paglitaxel combo for 12 weeks, then AC + pembro for 12 weeks has been my protocol. 
    i was diagnosed triple negative, grade 3 and I have the brca 2 mutation.

    i responded well to treatment and had surgery earlier this month.

    am waiting to hear if the cancer is gone or if I need radiotherapy. 

    St. Bart’s - oncologists, surgeons, breast care nurses and chemo nurses have been really really good. 

    sending you lots of support as you navigate through your choices.


  • Hiya Zoe,

    Thank you very much for your response. So glad to hear that your responding well to treatment and that St Barts have provided you with great care. 

    I will be requesting for a 2nd opinion which I hope will be a straightforward process. Many thanks for your kind words and all the best with your cancer journey too.


  • Hello Janice

    I was diagnosed through screening with an 8mm grade 3 TNBC at the Rose Centre, St George's Hospital in Tooting last December and then had surgery at the William Rous Unit at Kingston Hospital as it's closer to my home. I'm having chemotherapy through the Royal Marsden's unit at Kingston Hospital as well.  I cannot speak highly enough of the nurses, health care assistants, breast surgeons, and oncologists at all these locations. Their expertise and care has been and remains exemplary.  TNBC is a tough diagnosis and even though my tumour was quite small I felt immediately cared for and I completely trusted the surgery and therapy recommendations that I've received.

    On hearing that you have TNBC I would think/hope that all breast surgeons would know to act quickly, but if you're like me and in need of TLC for your nerves and fears about TNBC then I wouldn't hesitate to recommend St Georges and Kingston.

    Very best wishes,


  • Hey Alison 

    Thank you for your response, I'm glad to hear that your treatment and care from nurses, consultants etc, has been exemplary. 

    I'm sure that when my care has been transferred to the Royal Marsden In Chelsea, the care will exceed my expectations.

    J xx