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Hi i’m new to the forum. I was diagnosed with TNBC in Dec 2020. Had chemo surgery and radiotherapy.Didn’t know much about TNBC. Fast forward to now i am wondering how likely it is for me to have a reaccurance. I have struggled with an ache in my side for a couple of months and been extremely tired should i be worried?

  • Hi chrystal, this cancer is a constant pain in the a... We never know what its going to do next. I think we all worry about a reaccurance but what can we do. We cant live our lives waiting for it to happen. I am in the secondary group, its not a group anyone wants to be in but we cope. Look if you are concerned about the ache in your side and your over tiredness just pop to see your GP and get it sorted , its better than worring about it but i think any ache makes us all think the worse, but its better to be safe. Dawn x

  • Hi Wino thankyou for your reply.I’m a. rey positive person and just trying to get i some advice. As many will say it’s the club no one wants to join. I remain optimistic and will go it’s whatever i get presented with. I’m getting on with life with low energy but i’m lucky to be here.

  • The recurrence rate of TNBC is up to 30% in the first 5 years after the primary disease. So it's very important to get anything unusual checked out quickly xx

  • Hey Chrystal,

    I’m sorry to hear you’re feeling worried - although totally understandable, you’ve been through a lot!
    I echo the comments already made. I’m triple negative and have been told that for the 5 years post diagnosis I’d be monitored with yearly mammogram, ultrasound etc… is this not the case for you? No one has checked you since you completed your last treatment/surgery?

    No matter how small an issue presents itself I would encourage you to speak with your GP and get their advice. The last thing you want/need is stress.

    thinking of you - hang in there and keep as positive as you can Slight smile