Secondary Triple Negative Breast Cancer

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Hi, i am posting on behalf of my sister. She had TNBC 2 years ago. It has returned and she has it in her brain, chest & liver. Oncology consultants are saying she isn’t well enough for treatment as it would be chemotherapy. Does anyone know if there is anything else she can have done? Either on the NHS or privately? I have heard of people having immunotherapy or drug trials. 

  • I am so very sorry to hear about your sister's recurrence and spread. I don't have any experience with secondary breast cancer, but I know  the Make Seconds Count charity offer information and support about clinical trials for patients who have a secondary diagnosis to take some of the headache out of the process. You could try contacting them to talk through things and see if they know of any open trials that could help your sister?

    Otherwise, there is a secondary breast cancer forum that may have more members who have experience with trials and treatment options.

    Sending the biggest hug to you, your sister and your family x

  • Thank you so much for your reply and kind words. This is very helpful and i have already contacted them & booked a telephone appointment.