Triple Negative Breast Cancer

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Hi everyone 

Ive recently been diagnosed with TNBC which has also spread to my lymph nodes in my underarm, chest and neck.  I’m due to start chemo on 11th Jan and I am absolutely terrified.  I am trying really hard to keep positive but I feel like I’m drowning with negative thoughts and what ifs.  
Advice on how to tackle this mindset would be greatly received.  

TIA xx

  • I'm so sorry that you've been diagnosed with tnbc, I am the same and due to start chemo on the 8th of Jan. It's such a terrible shock, so difficult to take it all in.

    My advice, don't hold in the emotions, let it all out. I've found eventually I'm not crying and raging as much. Don't Google everything, most stuff on the internet is out of date with the latest treatments, it will only scare you more. Try and exercise if you can, I've even started going out walking in the middle of the night when the thoughts get too overwhelming, I find nights are the worst. Sleep when you're tired, doesn't matter when. Find a good TV series to binge on and binge as much as you want. This is a great place to share and get advice as you go through treatment, there's lots of lovely people here that have already been through it.

    Hope everything goes well with your chemo x

  • I am sorry you find yourself here.  I found a short course on mindfulness (from my local MacMillan centre) useful in giving techniques for parking intrusive thoughts, living in the present etc. Once you start treatment you may find it will give you structure and something to focus on rather than the more generalised worries. 

  • Hi there 

    I was in a similar position almost a year ago . I was diagnosed with triple negative in January 2023 and it was in a lymph node. I was terrified too. You can do this. I went through the classic stages of denial, anger etc. I've broken pieces of furniture! I've cried my eyes out and still do. Once you've got the first chemo overwith you kind of get into a routine (not a nice one but a routine nonetheless ) Take each/day week as it comes. I've cancelled it a few times when I couldn't handle it (mentally). Remember you are in control and you don't have to do anything you don't want to. You will be monitored and looked after very well I'm sure (as I was) Don't google. Everyone is different and reacts differently. My advice would be to scream, cry when you want. Get it out. Talk to your family or whomever you trust x 

  • Hello CJar1

    Im having my first chemo on Jan 11th too. A TNBC diagnosis is scary isn’t it - I’m so sorry you’ve had this news. 

    I’ve already had a lumpectomy and it was this biopsy that revealed that I’m triple negative. 
    I was feeling overwhelmed and really scared whilst  trying not to spook my family over Christmas as they didn’t expect me to have chemo.
    Now Im trying to plan a few things so I feel a bit more in control. Like booking workshops and buying some hats & nice products.

    Annoyingly I’ve had a bad cold and ache all over for the last three days. I was hoping to build up my immunity before it started. It’s such a strange time of year as many of  my usual day to day activities are on hold over the New Year. 
    I love the idea of night walks Kiiaa. 
    I’m hoping once the first round is done it will be a bit more bearable. 
    Good luck - I’ll think of you on 11th 

  • Hi Kiiaa

    Thank you for your kind words of encouragement and suggestions to make my journey easier.  I’ve been treating myself to a few products to help, mainly scarves and beanies, although, I’m not too sure about how I look in them.  
    I’ve been kindly pointed in the direction of others who have finished their journey and have shared their experiences.  
    I too am sorry that you are also diagnosed and yes it is  a shock, more so mentally as I don’t feel unwell.  
    I hope all goes well on 8th, I’ll be keeping you in my thoughts.  


  • Hi Kaza1

    I’m sorry that you are having to go through treatment after having undergone surgery already for a lumpectomy.  
    I too kept my diagnosis from my children as my oldest was sitting prelims and I didn’t want to add any more pressure.  I have now shared my diagnosis with my family and friends who have been a tremendous support.  
    I have treated myself to a journal that I’ll be documenting my cancer journey and looking at the progress I’ve made to keep myself positive as at this point in time I am terrified as it’s outwith my control and I don’t know what to expect with the chemo.  

    Fingers crossed that it’ll get better in time.  

    Good luck to you for 11th as well.  I’ll be thinking about you.

  • Thank you CJar1

    It sounds as if you’ve been busy preparing  I love your idea of a journal to help look back at how far you’ve come and also to prop you up or have somewhere to vent on a bad day  

    Good idea to have a few treats too - you deserve to be pampered.

    My daughter gave me a lovely care package today with ginger flavour sweets and some moisturisers which I’ll take with me. There was also a cookbook in the bag so I’m going to make a few nutritious meals this weekend for the freezer if I don’t feel like cooking post chemo  

    I hope you have a relaxing weekend and find some nice things to do to take your mind off the first treatment  

    This time next week we’ll have one session done - I’m sure we can get through this Fingers crossedHeart