Diagnosed yesterday... in limboland

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Hello everyone. I'm Sarah, 43, from the South coast. Found out yesterday I have invasive breast cancer in my right breast and lymph nodes. Triple negative so I'm starting with chemo in January some time. Waiting on MRI & CT which is agonising!

The dust hasnt settled yet, and my mind is racing between practicalities and panic. I'm sure once it all starts rolling I'll feel more in control but for now Ive joined here early on for community & comradeship x

  • Hi Sarah, sorry to hear your news, its all such a shock right now. You are right though once treatments start and you know what going to happen and how it all works you will feel so much better its all the unknown that make this cancer journey so difficult. The waiting around is the worse, everything seems to take ages to be processed MRI & CT scans can never be seen quick enough i know that feeling to well. Once you are on your treatment plan things will calm down and you will see things differently. All the best with your treatment and dont forget to BREATH xx