Triple Negative Lobular Cancer

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Hi there 

I’ve just been diagnosed with triple negative lobular cancer and so I’ll be having chemotherapy in the New Year 3 rounds of ER & 3 rounds of Docetaxol with bisophonates then radiotherapy so I’m feeling very unsure and worried about the side effects. 

I had a small tumour which showed up at routine screening and has been removed with a lumpectomy. I have clear margins and no lymph nodes affected and 11mm so I was feeling positive with the prospect of hormone therapy and good prognosis. 

But now the biopsy shows it’s triple negative so now I’m really worried. I know it’s important to have chemo to reduce the risk of recurrence and improve my 10 year outlook but it’s so daunting. 
Im 67 and there doesn’t seem to be much research regarding Triple Negative Lobular Invasive Cancer. 
Does anyone have anything similar? 
What advice do you have for helping with chemo and these particular drugs? 
I have so many questions and feeling very lost so I’d be so happy to hear of any of your experiences 

  • Hi Kaza1

    Welcome to the forum and I am sorry to hear that you have been diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer.

    Drink plenty of fluids during and after you have chemo.  Don't be afraid to ask your chemo nurse questions about your treatment and the drugs you will be given.  Write out a list of the questions you have.  Make sure you take your temp every day and report any side effects you may have to your chemo team and they can adjust your medications if need be.  You will be given the number of the chemo unit to ring if you have any problems between treatments either before you start your treatment or before you finish your first treatment.  You will also be given an  out of hours number to ring when the chemo unit is closed should you need it.

    Wishing you the best of luck with your treatment when it starts.

    Best wishes


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  • Thanks Daisy53 for your advice. 
    I’ll remember to drink lots of water when my chemo starts. 
    Im sure the team will be very supportive but it’s a great idea to write things down so I don’t forget any questions I have. 
    that’s very reassuring to know there’s always someone to contact if I’m worried. 
    I really appreciate your response