Just been diagnosed with triple negative grade 2, feeling very emotional

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Just been diagnosed with triple negative grade 2, feeling very emotional. Likely to have chemo as next step starting January. Advice on getting through the next few weeks gratefully received

  • Hi  

    I’m so sorry you’re having to go through this. Not going to lie, it’s sucks. 

    First bit of advice, DO NOT google TNBC. The information online is old and out of date and will freak you out. I did and I cried for many days after. Don’t do it. Know that the treatment has come a long way in the last few years. 

    Secondly, you’ll feel better once you get started on treatment. Waiting around just stressed me out more as I was constantly worried it was spreading and getting worse. Once I had the operation and started chemo I felt better and more in control. 

    Thirdly, be kind to yourself. The next few months are going to be tough but you can do this. Rest if you need to rest. Sleep on the sofa all day and forget everything if you’re having a bad day. Don’t feel guilty about stuff not getting done. Somethings can wait and will have to. 

    Ask questions and seek advice. These online forums are amazing and there are so many people who will offer their experiences and advice if you need it. They’ve given me a lot of support over the last few months and I’m not sure I’d have got through without asking a million questions. 

  • Thank you for sharing, it's so reassuring to hear treatments are better now. I'm going to follow your advice and ask questions in here. I'm afraid there's going to be lots of them! 

  • Hi Kiiaa 

    Im in the same position as you TNBC Grade 2 with chemo due to start in January. I saw my oncologist on Wednesday so have been very tearful since then but I’m looking after my gorgeous grandchildren 2&4 years today which takes my mind off things. 
    it’s very scary isn’t it but good to hear from other’s further along the road.  
    I’ve been advised to enjoy Christmas especially tasting all the delicious food. 
    Hope you feel better when your dates come through. 
    I’ll be thinking of you xxx

  • Yes! Enjoy all the foods! I’m having chemo next week so will not be able to taste for Christmas. 

    That’s been one of my worst side effects. I love my food and I’m sad when I can’t taste or get any enjoyment out of food. I’ve been eating as I know I have to with the chemo but some days you just don’t want to. 

  • Hi Kaza1, so sorry to hear you are going through the same as me. It's been so difficult to stop crying!!! But feeling more confident today after reading in this forum. So lovely you have your grandchildren to help you cope emotionally. Do keep in touch via this forum. I think we're going to have a similar journey through this. Take care xxx

  • I had no idea about this side effect, I'm definitely going to enjoy the food over Christmas now! My son and his partner are stepping up and doing all of the Christmas cooking to treat me and let me relax with all this going on. He's vegetarian, so lots of different tastes to try. Thanks for your post yesterday Opalfruits2001, really helped to settle the crazy thoughts

  • Hello, I'm in a similar position to you. Found out yesterday I've stage 2, grade 3 TNBC. It's been an odd 24hrs since. Very emotional, with a lot of inappropriate humour throughout Rofl I've got a lot of lovely support and once I get going with treatment I'm sure it will help, but the wait is emotionally draining isn't it! Nice to have already found people to chat with on here xxx

  • Hi Sarah, yes emotionally draining in a way I've not experienced before. Lots of inappropriate humour as well! Think we must find something to lift our spirits where we can. Take care Sarah x

  • Will do Kiiaa 

    Well keep each other company on the journey 


  • HI Opalfruits2001, just read your post and very wise words. I spent the day yesterday lying in bed and n the sofa.