Lumpectomy and mastectomy

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I’ve just had a lumpectomy but now doubting myself and just want to know if anyone’s been thru this and asked for a mastectomy as well

  • Hi Dora95

    i had a lumpectomy in April I asked for a mastectomy 3 times and was told it wasn’t necessary . I too have TNBC grade 3 I didn’t have clear margins so after my chemo I need more surgery . Which is booked for Oct 18 th then radiotherapy a month or so later !! It is what it is and we just have to trust the team . Good luck to you and I hope your treatment goes well x 

  • Hi bonnie boo

    i think I’ll just ask and see what they say. Initially I was offered lumpectomy or mastectomy and chose the lumpectomy which I’ve had.Thankyou for your reply.

    I hope your surgery goes well good luck xxxx