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Hi I’m 76 diagnosed triple neg back in Jan, slow start to treatment, finally had second op for lymph node clearance and wider margin late April, results today. My daughter was diagnosed in August last year positive er etc.  I filled in the gene test form, but have been told that I’m probably too old for the testing, shouldn’t they test my daughter as well? Anyone else my age had tests it’s my grandkids I worry for.

  • Hi Millsey 

    Welcome to the forum and sorry to hear that you have been diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer. While I don’t have an answer for you I noticed that you haven’t had any replies so I thought I’d reply to you to welcome you to the community. I noticed that you are a member of the breast cancer forum as well. Why not put your question to the ladies and gents on that forum as it’s a much busier one than this one.

    Best of luck with your results.

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  • Thanks Daisy good idea

  • I did an optional private test with a US based company recommended by my oncologist (I’m based in Ireland).