My wife has Triple negative breast cancer stage 4 grade 3 with lung metastasis

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feel a bit of a fraud, it’s not me who is suffering but my wife. She was diagnosed tith DCS in situ 12 years ago. Had a mastectomy and reconstruction, supposed MRI each year but quickly dropped off to Scan every year.

She has Braca2 last year in May she felt a strange lump in her arm pit but thought it was scar tissue.

Turned out it was Triple Neg stage 4 grade 3 with lung metastasis.

She had 6 rounds of chemo and that ended in December 4 months later the original cancer is growing and seems to have invaded her Lymph gland nearby.

My question is does that mean it will travel all through her lymphatic system?

  • Hi Dave339

    Welcome to the forum and sorry to hear that your wife has stage4 triple negative breast cancer.  While I can't answer your question I noticed that you haven't had any replies yet so I thought I'd welcome you to the community.  I notice that you have also joined the Breast Cancer Forum, if you haven't already why not put your question to the ladies and gents on that forum as it's a much busier forum than this one.  You could also join the Carers only Forum, here's the link: Carers only forum  and the family and friends forum Family and friends forum  to get support from people whose loved ones are having cancer treatment or have had cancer treatment.

    Wishing you and your wife the best of luck for the future.

    Best wishes


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  • Hi Dave

    i was just wondering how your wife is doing and how you are coping ?sending you both a big hug x

  • Hi thank you your the first reply thought it must have been lost in the system. Sue is on 3 monthly scans, they removed her reconstructed breast and did an axiliary clearance in May .

    Three of the 15 lymph nodes hade cloned Triple Neg  still with stage 4 grade 3 meeting with specialist last Tuesday.

    No signs anywhere else, but said go away and enjoy your summer, we all know what that means, still as it pops up we’ll keep hitting it back.

    I kept on reading 13 months to survive, that was last June so any win is a win.

    Thank you again for asking and caring about strangers, all the best for your journey whatever that is.

    Yours Dave 

  • Hi Dave 

    I think the best thing for all of us with triple neg is to keep fighting and to stay positive which is very hard at times .I think we need to carry on as normal as  we can and enjoy life. Great that it hasn’t spread that’s a massive positive . Sending you and sue love and positive vibes xx

  • It did spread into her lungs and plura, but was knocked back by chemo. I hope you are doing well and the damn thing doesn’t rear it’s head again. 

  • Oh sorry , glad the chemo had helped to knock it back and keeps it at bay. I have a friend with stage 4/5 it’s in her bones and she has been doing really well for the last 2.5 years with continued treatment which is positive . I have had 2 cycles of chemo 4 to go then more surgery. Enjoy you’re weekend Both xx

  • Hi Dave 

    Hows sue getting on ? Hope you’re both remaining as positive as you can . It’s such a scary time I have been for my 3rd chemo today I hate it but needs must . Sending you both a big hug xx

  • Hi love she’s ok, the specialist said to go and enjoy your summer. Now is that an enjoy your summer or make the most of it? We tend to look so deeply at innocent comments. She has a chest infection at the moment, susceptible to germs. Remember to take care. Your braver than I am having chemo. Big warm hugs from us brave lady x

  • I know what you mean !! But when the weather is better get out and about if sue is up to it . I have to get out of the house it’s depressing otherwise. Hope she recovers from the chest infection soon bless her not nice . I will rest up thanks , take care both sending positive vibes and love stay strong it’s bloody hard I know !! Xxx

  • No one knows how hard friends say, anything you need and that’s kind, but what can they do? I understand flu and covid will be bad this autumn so just remember how vulnerable you are. Dave x