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Hi folks,

I also was diagnosed with Grade 3 TBC, early March. I have already had my lumpectomy and 3 lymph nodes removed (latter non cancerous). 

I am due to start the first of 4 fortnightly EC chemo sessions tomorrow followed by 4 fortnightly T chemo sessions and will have the white cells protein injection tomorrow also then I will have follow up radiotherapy.

 I turned 50 last week ( so celebration plans had to change/ be delayed). I am currently waiting on results of the genetic testing (although no family history) I have 4 older sisters none of which, thankfully, have had breast cancer to date.

Is the suggested best option full mastectomy if the BRCA comes back positive?

I have great support around me in my husband and 4 sisters and close friend which I feel so fortunate for. However I get really upset when others say "I know  someone who has breast cancer and they are fine".

Not because I don't believe I'll get through this but I'm at the start of what in any sense is not a pleasant journey to be on.

I am most worried about nausea as I have always suffered from travel sickness, had positional vertigo also on several occasions.

Do you guys eat during chemo sessions, if so what is a good choice?

  • Hi Bibbybaby

    Welcome to the forum and sorry to hear that you have been diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer. You can eat whatever you like during chemo though it’s advisable not to drink alcohol during treatment. When you leave the chemo unit tomorrow you should be given some medication or a prescription for anti-sickness meds to help with side effects. Be sure to take the anti-sickness tablets they give you for a few days after your chemo and if they don’t work let your chemo nurse know and they will change them to something else.

    if your BRCA comes back positive the suggest option is for a full mastectomy.

    I also had grade 3 triple negative and if you’d like to know how I got on you can click on my name.  I also suggest that you join the breast cancer group as it’s a busier group than this one and there are plenty of ladies with triple negative there also.

    Wishing you the best of luck with your treatment.

    Best wishes


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  • Hi Bibbybaby

    i too have TNBC grade 3 diagnosed 23rd March had lumpectomy 22nd April , still very sore have follow up apt 11th may with surgeon and then oncology for treatment plan . Everything seems to take ages here in Shropshire . Good luck with your chemo and the rest of your treatment x

  • Hi - my journey so far sounds almost identical to yours though you’re slightly ahead. I was diagnosed 21/3 and had lumpectomy and 4 lymph nodes removed 3/4. Had my op results on Tuesday 25/4 and so grateful lymph nodes all clear.  Tumour was 17mm and margins clear of cancer but there was some DCIS that will need to be removed at end of chemo - so another op on the cards
    got my oncology appointment through yesterday - it’s on 11/5 which also happens to be my 50th birthday! Happy birthday me - at least it’s moving along and it’s just a date after all!

    I’ve also had genetic testing - results back mid June.  

    Would be interested to hear how you find chemo as I would guess our regimes will be similar.

    hope you’re feeling ok xx

  • Hi BibyBaby,

    My TBC was diagnosed 2 weeks before Christmas(bad timing having 3 kids), I started 3 months of EC in January and now on week 6 of 9 9f PC. I was  really worried about sickness as like yourself I am awfully travelling, had positional vertigo and Labarythitis on and off and had morning sickness in all my pregnancies but I have been sick once. During EC I felt nautious for the first 5 days but I got great medication to help with that.

    I also tor tested and am positive for the BRACA 2 gene, it was a shock to start but I have digested it now. I have 3 girls and my worry was all for them. My mum is waiting to be tested, she has a strong family history.

    I had my approval with my surgeon last week and although the original plan was a lumpectomy after chemo I have opted for a double mastectomy and reconstruction. The genealogist explained that due to my age (47) the gene and my gran and a few of her sisters having BC (one also had OC) that there could be over 50% risk that it will come back on the other side and I'm not prepared to go through that again.

    As for eating during chemo for me it depends on the time, I sometimes go for a nice breakfast before or the hospital offer a sandwich/soup which is nice x

    I wish you all the best of luck xx

    TBee Bee

  • Hello - our journey is a bit similar - TNBC diagnosed a couple of days before christmas. Had 3 rounds of EC and now on week 3 of 9 Paclitaxel/carboplatin. Didn’t have a great reaction to carboplatin but otherwise ok overall.

    I have tested positive for the lesser known but also risky PALB2 gene - going through the details of it with geneticist next week. My grandmother had OC - diagnosed at 85! I’m guessing she probably had the gene.

    I too was heading for a lumpectomy but now the landscape is unclear. If I have a mastectomy I don’t think I will have a reconstruction - I’m small and 59 and had a lot of unrelated surgeries this past ten years so feel the need to keep things to a minimum in terms of invasiveness and recovery but maybe thats because I only found out this week and I’m still processing.

    I’m ok though - knowledge is power and overall I’m grateful to have at least some protective options. They only starting testing for PALB2 in the last 5 years or so! And I was only offered genetic testing apparently as under 60! So it could have been a very different story.

    I’m off for a lovely doggy walk this morning in the Leeds sunshine - grabbing all the good moments  in life and appreciating them so much more.

    Jan x

  • Hi JPH, I I gwt Carboplatin every 3 weeks too, last one next week. I didn't really have any reactions but definitely feel more tired with the double dose weeks. The cumulative tiredness is certainly building now but I'm still managing to work from home so all good.

    Only 3 weeks left, the end is in sight now, I was dreading 9 weeks in a row but honestly it's not been too bad.

    I'm waiting to see plastics and get the decision whether I will be lumpectomy/lymph nodes first then have a few monthsto get stronger/fitter for the rmastectomy/reconstruction or if it will get done all together. I opted for the reconstruction as I'm only 47 and have alway had  larger breasts and the "tummy tuck" I'm looking at as the silver lining.

    Enjoy your doggy walk in the sunshine Sunny 

    TBee Bee

  • We can di this can’t we? I have an MRI this week to check progress - lump was 16mm x 16mm initially and after 2 EC went to 12mm x 7mm. Im hoping and praying for a good result this week Pray Jan x

  • Hi,

    Just got diagnosed with TNBC grade 3 two days ago. Freaking out. 49 years old. So, just introducing myself for experiences, support and information. All seems like doom and gloom on the Internet regarding triple negative.

  • First thing is stay away from the internet, especially in early stages of diagnosis when emotions are so raw. TNBC historically bad press but all is so improved with treatments now and much of that information isn’t published yet.

    It’s normal to be ‘freaking out’. I was the same and you will find many women on here who also felt the same. It’s a shock that has shaken that safe haven of no cancer - all of a sudden and uninvited! The way ahead is not yet clear for you, but it will be soon once they have all the information brought together and there will be a bespoke treatment plan for you. Honestly you will feel better for knowing that plan and the plan starting.

    Meanwhile, what worked for me to stop me spiralling in those early days was keeping my life as simple as i could, making sure I got outside every day and picking and choosing who I told (I found other people’s responses hard for the first month).

    It Is a journey with bumps here and there, but so far i have found it more doable than i imagined and I’m in month 5.

    I hope you sleep well tonight.

    Jan x x

  • Hi 

    sorry you find yourself here with us !! It’s a scary time and the waiting is very hard . It’s normal to feel sad , angry, shocked . Once you know what’s happening it helps , I had myself dead and buried in the first week I looked up TNBC and that was it !! I had a lumpectomy on 22 nd of April and just waiting for chemo plan I too was grade 3 !! I don’t sleep well but get out and about each day whilst I can . Sending you a positive vibes stay strong xx