Why does everything take so long.

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Hi there, I’m 55, never had children, live a pretty healthy lifestyle. I found a lump in my left breast just over a month ago. Ironically, I’d just had my screening invite letter the day before and had tried to make an appointment, but was told to call back in a couple of weeks, due to rotas etc. I rang the doctors, was seen within the hour, and was having mammograms, ultrasounds and biopsies four days later. I was told at the appointment they were pretty sure it was cancer, and were talking about surgery, radiotherapy, shut to door and get on with life. 
I was told a week later it was stage three, and we were looking at chemotherapy, then surgery, hopefully a lumpectomy, then radiotherapy, but were waiting for the HER2 result. I only got that yesterday, so now I know I’m triple negative. I’ve just had an ECG and have MRI booked for Monday evening. 
I just want to get treatment started. I’m so anxious that it’s going to spread while I’m waiting. I feel powerless that I’m having to wait for others to say what and when. 
you think you’re doing well in life, lead a healthy lifestyle, don’t smoke or drink, vegetarian, don’t eat much processed food, then BOOM!

  • Hi kookie

    i know what your going through I too have Been diagnosed triple neg grade 3 at 57 on 23,03/23 surgery first but no date yet. I too think I’m a time bomb I have pain in my right side now so thinking it’s my liver !! I rang about my armpit hurting they said it’s from the biopsy but it never really hurt before . I’m trying to be positive but it’s so hard. Been and had my hair done and going out with friends later for a bit of distraction .

    Good luck with your treatment let me know how you get on x 

  • I’ve just booked an appointment at the hairdresser for a pixie cut. 
    I had long permed hair, and had it cut to shoulder length a couple of weeks ago, and now I’m just going to go short so it’s less of a shocker when it starts to fall out. 
    It is hard to stay positive, and I feel like I want to slap the next person that says that to me Joy.

    enjoy your time out with your friends later, and likewise, let me know how you get on xx

  • Aww have you I know what you mean about cutting it shorter, I have short hair anyway but I asked to go a bit shorter today . There are more treatments out there now for triple neg and clinical trials , there a lot of ladies on the group with positive experiences we have to do this !! Keep strong hard I know x

  • I think TNBC is one of the horrible by chance things that can happen to otherwise healthy people. Please don’t beat yourself up on why it has happened, you can’t change it nor go back and consume the body weight of things you perhaps denied yourself in order to be as healthy as you could be. It does become a bit easier once you have a treatment plan and get started. If nothing else, the hospital visits give structure and you have regular contact with the oncology team. Wishing you all the best.