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Hi there, 

I’m 56 female and was diagnosed with TNBC on the 30th March. Lumpectomy and SN scheduled for 26th April. I’ve been told it’s a small lump about 9 mm and grade 3. Initially the surgeon suggested that chemo would be likely but when I spoke with the nurse after my her2 results were confirmed as negative she said  chemo not necessarily going to happen. It’s all very confusing - how do people cope with the uncertainty? They have sent off for gene testing. 

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  • Hi Flora

    i too was diagnosed on the 23rd March with grade 3 TNBC I’m still waiting a date for surgery as my lump is also small . I was told I would have chemo and radium . They said chemo first then changed their minds!! I’m so scared . Every ache and pain  I think it’s spreading my mind is in overdrive , so I understand how you feel. I’m 57 no mention of genetic testing .

    Good luck with everything let me know how you get on x

  • Hi  

    I was diagnosed with a small, grade 3 TNBC a year ago. I had a lumpectomy and SLNB followed by chemo and radiotherapy. Until you've had surgery and they've seen if there are any cancer deposits in your lymph nodes they won't be able to finalise your treatment plan. Like you, I was told that I might need chemo when originally diagnosed and, as I had a small deposit in one lymph node, the oncologist said he'd recommend that I had chemo.

    I found that the best way to cope with the uncertainty was just to concentrate on the stage I was going through at the time and not think about things that may or may not happen afterwards.

    Wishing you all the best


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  • Sorry you find yourself in this situation. The oncologist (rather than surgeon or nurse) will determine whether chemo is recommended or not, based on the pathology from your operation, and the results of the tests they are doing. UpToDate, the medical resource many medics use, has 0.5cm as the upper size where chemo would not usually be recommended for TNBC. Status of lymph nodes, and also whether your tumour has grown into a blood vessel (vascular invasion) will be key. 

  • Thank you Coddfish that is really helpful Hibiscus

  • Hi Bonnie Boo,

    I’m really sorry to hear it’s happening to you too. Yes I know what you mean about recognising every ache and pain! I’m not sure I like the fact that there seem to be multiple different approaches but I’ve been told that everyone’s treatment pathway is bespoke. So I guess it’s not wise to make too many comparisons… easier said than done thoughRolling eyes Hope you have some concrete news soon about an op date. I had a lovely day today in a garden with an old friend - it really helped me focus on other things. I’m trying to plan in plenty of distractions. 
    Best wishes 

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  • Hi Latchbrook,

    Thanks for the information - that is good advice. I hope you continue to make a speedy recovery. 
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  • Thanks codfish , you’re info is helpful and you have a lot of knowledge from your treatments x

  • Thank you latchbrook , hope your keeping well x