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first chemo 17th April any thoughts on cold cap & any tips for a first timer 

  • I tried the cold cap but hated it. I asked them to remove it ASAP. But it's different for everyone so just try it. All the best xx

  • Thank you, I’ll keep thinking about it Blush

  • I’m using it - had two rounds of EC and due a third today before I move on to weekly paclitaxel. If you can tolerate the first ten minute brain freeze then you can probably manage it is what I would say from my experience. The trick is to distract yourself with something in that first ten minutes.

    Wear warm clothes and ask for a heat pad for your lap.

    I still have all my hair - even though my consultant said I wouldn't! , especially as my hair is fine. I think the odds are 50/50

    I would say give it a go but don't feel bad if you need them to take it off - lots of people choose not to progress with it feeling the treatment is enough to contend with and I totally get that. Im just incredibly stubborn!!!! 

  • Thanks for your reply & advice. My hair is very fine too. I’ve always dyed my hair so it’s going to be odd having grey hair! 

  • I found a hairdresser that uses vegan dye without the chemicals in that they suggest we need to stay away from. I got my hair dyed a couple of weeks ago after I started my treatment . My hair hadn’t come out an was looking grey and i wasnt ready for it - looks great now!

  • Good morning Turtles and sad you find yourself on this website but you are amongst friends Blush  First chemo is always worrying but you will soon get into a routine and you kinda accept it as " the norm! "

    Wear warm clothes as you will be sitting around for some time,  drinks, nibbles ( although i was given lunch ) book and ipad to keep yourself occupied.  Try and book your appt for the same day of the week, that way you will get to know ladies and have a natter.  Just take one session at a time,  i kept a diary from session one,  how i felt,  what meds helped, jotted down anything really.

      You dont say what your treatment plan is ?  I had 12 weekly paclitaxel and every 3 week was added carboplation.  One more thing is to drink LOADS of fluids to help flush out the body and keep you hydrated.  We're talking around 3 litres daily but i can be any fluids,  i wrote down how much i drank in a day,  tea, coffee, water, squash, i even included milk on my cereal !!
    good luck for 17th April,  small steps to stsrt with.  If you wanna ask anything please do.

    from a former TNBC warrior MuscleLaughing

  • Thank you for your helpful reply. I read on a cancer website  that you can’t wash your hair 3 days before & 3 days after if using the cold caps. Do you know if this is correct & something you had to do? Also how long do you have to wear it before the treatment starts? 

    I’ve got to have AC x4 every 3 weeks then Paclitaxel & Carboplatin every week for 12 weeks. Then Radiotherapy. 

    thanks Blush

  • Thank you so much for the really helpful information. 
    I’ve got to have AC every 3 weeks x4 then Paclitaxel & carboplatin every week for 12 weeks.

    Then radiotherapy for 3 weeks. 

    I’ve written in a diary since 1976 so I will definitely write about my chemo journey. 

    did you change your diet at all? 

    what’s  TNBC? Thinking

    best wishes 

  • Hi Turtles

    Welcome to the forum and sorry to hear that you have been diagnosed with Triple Negative breast cancer.

    Wishing you the best of luck with your treatment.

    Best wishes


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  • Thank you Daisy53 you’ve had one hell of a journey so glad all is good now. Good luck with your mammogram this month. 
    best wishes