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Hello. My name is Rachel, I am a 40 year old full time biochemistry student, mother of 3 children (7,12 and 15) and dog mum to Jaxon the whippet and Bella the Doberman. 

Last week (22nd March) I was diagnosed with breast cancer after finding a lump. All I know at the moment is that I have a 14mm grade 3 invasive ductal carcinoma. HER negative ER negative and awaiting PR results. I have a feeling that PR will also come back negative.  I am also awaiting MRI results as  the consultant told me that my breast tissue was too dense to get a clear image from the mammogram. I have also been offered genetic testing. 

I took the diagnosis quite well, but I think it is starting to sink in now. I am feeling nervous about the PR results and genetic results. 

I will be getting MRI results and hopefully a treatment plan on 29th March

this all seems a little surreal

  • Hello Rachel and hopefully it will soon be goodbye to Larry. All the best for 29th March. I also have results due on 29th March, in my case to see if I remain clear after the ablation I had done in December on the secondary deposit in my liver. Welcome to the roller coaster world if TNBC. 

  • Hello Rachel, 

    • I’m Ness - I’m 50 and also a Mum of 3 - 21, 16 & 13 and a fur baby springer/lab cross- I received my diagnosis on 22nd too - I am triple neg and they tell me I have a G1 3cm tumor.  My lymph node aspiration came back negative.  I have a clinic appt this week and I think I’ll see oncology too - I also have a MRI booked for Friday as my breast tissue was too dense to show anything on the mammogram.  Feel like it’s all bad dream at the moment.  I’m hoping once I have a treatment plan I’ll be able to feel a bit more in control. i Sending hugs and positive thoughts. 
  • Hi Rachael 

    how have you got on ? Hope you’re ok I was diagnosed on the 23rd March with TN awaiting surgery date . 

  • Hi Ness 

    how are doing hope your ok , it’s so hard trying to keep positive . Good luck to you for your treatment x

  • I went back for the results. There was a typo on the letter I was sent. The letter said I was ER negative but I am actually ER positive! There are some more areas in the other boob that I need an ultrasound on but consultant thinks they are benign. Still no direct treatment plan as yet. I am on the waiting list for surgery which should be some time in May. 

  • Good luck with your surgery xx

  • Hi Rachael 

    how are you doing have you had a treatment plan yet date for surgery ? Hope your ok x