Hi all. Just diagnosed

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Hello all. I received my diagnosis on 21st December 2022 at St Albans hospital. Stage 1 triple negative was the initial call. I’m writing this from the waiting room (here 2 hours so far and still waiting). About to hear about  the MRI scan results and have an op planned for Jan 12th.

don’t know whether this will be a lumpectomy / mastectomy/ whatever yet and scared of what lies ahead. 

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    hope you're ok xx

  • I hope the hospital visit gave you more clarity over what has been found, and the treatment plan. I think most people find it a bit easier once they know what’s in store. There are lots of TNBC people about (I am one), happy to answer questions. 

  • Thanks Coddfish. It’s been a busy time, splitting appointments between St Albans and Watford hospitals for MRI + Ultrasound + blood tests + various consultations. The MRI showed the tumour to be bigger (19mm) than the 11mm estimated from the initial mammogram. So I’m now classed as Stage 1 grade 2 and going to surgery in 3 days time for a lumpectomy. I understand that the follow up radio/chemotherapy will be at Mount Vernon in Northwood which is only 15 minutes away for me. 

    I have had a brief meeting with the consultant who will be doing the op. Google search shows that he’s very experienced which is a relief. But I’m still feeling pretty anxious about what lies ahead. One of the blood tests was to look for the BRCA gene which sounds like a pretty scary scenario if it turns out I have this.

    friends and family have rallied round so I’m surrounded by a loving and caring support team. I’ve let hem all know that I’d prefer to give them all updates via WhatsApp rather than having to repeat the same conversation 

    fingers and toes crossed and thanks for your support

  • Hi there, how did it all go with your op?  All well I hope x I had mine on the 12th too.  Boob feeling okay, lymph node a bit nippy still.  

  • 18 months ago I was in your position I was diagnosed with TBNC I had a lumpectomy chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatments>  All I can say is each case is different but stay positive and let your friends and family know as you'll be surprised how supportive they'll be and believe me its important tas this will help to get you through whichever treatment plan you'll be given.  I wish you all the very best for the future.

  • Hiya, the op went well thank you.  Very similar to you, lymph node area still a bit sore.  Have my consultation on the 25th where I’ll find out my results and treatment plan going forward, keen to know what lies ahead now so I can prepare!

  • Thank you so much, I have been amazed by the support I have had from my friends and family and you’re right it really does help and I’m only at the start of my journey!  I’ve had a couple of wobbles this last week, but on the whole have been keeping positive and joining a TBNC Facebook group has also helped.  I’m just keen to hear what the next stage is for me.

  • Glad to hear it went well. Don’t be disappointed if you don’t get a treatment plan at your  appointment on the 25th. It will likely be with the surgery team feeding back on the pathology report and checking you are healing well. They will refer you on to oncology who will take things forward. I had around 3 weeks between the results appointment and the first oncology appointment. Hope it all goes well. 

  • That’s good to know.   Now op done it’s back to waiting again, it’s like Groundhog Day.  

  • The FB group I joined was specifically for women with early stage TNBC, it’s been fantastic.  Tried a couple of others, way too much doom and gloom for me.  I need uplifting not bringing down.