Hi all. Just diagnosed

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Hello all. I received my diagnosis on 21st December 2022 at St Albans hospital. Stage 1 triple negative was the initial call. I’m writing this from the waiting room (here 2 hours so far and still waiting). About to hear about  the MRI scan results and have an op planned for Jan 12th.

don’t know whether this will be a lumpectomy / mastectomy/ whatever yet and scared of what lies ahead. 

  • Hi lovely to hear this stage went well.  It’ll take around three weeks before you get an appointment with the oncologist team who’ll explain in detail in layman’s terms about your treatment plan.  Maybe a good idea is to take someone with you at this stage and write down any questions you may wish to ask and remember there are no silly questions just ask whatever you think you’d like to know about.  They are there for you.  Continue to stay positive.

  • Oh really, thank you for that information, it was probably wishful thinking that I would hear my treatment plan this week.  At least I can go prepared now..

  • Thank you, yes it was probably wishful thinking that I would hear soon about my treatment plan.. Yes I’ll take someone with me and go prepared with questions etc!

  • Hi there, I had my op same day as you.  You had your stitches out yet? I’m booked in at our local health centre on Tuesday for the deed to be done.   Can’t say I’m looking forward to it but it’s time the underarm staples were gone, they’ve been a bit nippy.  

  • Hi   

    I'm glad to hear the operation went well.

    Like you, I was diagnosed with TNBC and the follow up consultation after my op was to get the results from that. I then had an appointment about 3 weeks later to learn exactly what my treatment plan was.


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  • I’m booked in for this Wednesday!  I’ll be glad to get the plasters/bandages off hopefully…

  • Ok thank you, I’m a bit clearer as to what to expect on Wednesday now, probably just meeting with the breast surgeon then Oncologist a few weeks after that.

  • Me too, at that itchy stage, guess a whole lot of healing going on.  Staples underarm and stitches on boob.  Lovely underarm smile and H shaped boob scar.  Still lots of bruising but I’m so fair skinned it’s to be expected.  

  • Hi I was diagnosed with TNBC back in May. I had 6 rounds of Chemo to shrink my tumor before having a lumpectomy and sentinel node biopsy in October. I am now beginning a course of radiotherapy which starts on the 26th. Happy to answer any questions you might have if I can. Best of luck with your treatment x

  • Thank you for your message.  How dd you find the Chemo?  Wishing you all the best with your Radiotherapy.