TNBC Grade 3


I’ve been diagnosed with Tnbc grade 3, operation done to remove the tumour and take lymph node samples. 

Initially told operation first,  then I would need Chemotherapy followed by radiotherapy but that’s not been set up yet as need the results first.

looks like most  have been sent straight to chemotherapy but I was operated on first, I’m confused and worried that a delay in the results could mean it’s growing somewhere else in my body as it’s been diagnosed initially as invasive.

has anyone else had operation first then delayed marginal and lymph node results, how long did you have to wait on your treatment plan with chemotherapy please. 

thank you for reading this.
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  • To help a little we need some more info did they do a full auxiliary clearance? Before your operation what scans did you have ? 

  • Hi 

    thank you for your reply.

    I’ve Had mammogram’s and a core needle biopsy with ultrasound scans of breast and arm pit, no other scans. 

    No results yet to see if it has traveled to my lymph nodes. Also been no mention of other scans. I feel like I know very little of what any plans are for me, and when I ask I’m told cannot say until the results come back from the bits they have removed. And that’s my worry it’s a four week wait to my next appointment. 

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  • The waiting is the worst part of this journey the actual treatments chemo/ surgery and radiotherapy are doable. 
    everybody’s treatment plan is tailored to them so looking at what others have had sometimes is misleading 

    it is unusual you haven’t had a ct scan to check if it has spread. 

    they normally do give chemo first to tnbc so they can get good margins on surgery it could be in your case they felt they could now. 
    I have tnbc and had chemo first (6months worth) and it didn’t work I wish I had surgery first.

    don’t be scared to chase your results your breast care nurse is a good contact 

  • Thank you for getting back to me. 

    Yes, waiting is so hard, I will ask my nurse tomorrow if she knows why no ct scan has been mentioned.

    It’s good to see you say the chemo is doable as that is another unknown scary treatment. 

    I hope you are getting and do get the treatment that you need, thank you for your help. 

    Take care & have a good night, hopefully we will get some sleep tonight.

    kind regards 

    x x

  • Hi there,

    im just going through some threads and see chemo didn’t work for you. I suspect I’ll be the same. Did they give you treatment after and tell you why chemo didn’t work? You go through so much with chemo then for it not to work…….


  • I see I’m also on the same treatment plan as yourself….Have only had 2;EC so far, but the onco is quite negative about the success which makes me wonder why the hell I’m bothering……

  • I was diagnoesd 10th October ladt year. The waiting is the hardest bit, i had all the usual test first and then the operation first as the surgeon that i might be too ill for the operation as i have some other health issues. I'm so glad i had it done this way and my lymph nodes were clear so that helped a lot, its not any easy journey in anyway but knowing my nodes were clear helped a great deal. Everyone is treated with what is right for them. Whishing it will all go well for you.

  • Hi ExeterDevon

    Thank you for your kind words.  I have now started chemotherapy, first cycle 10 days ago, 2 more of the same type then a different one weekly for 9 weeks. Hopefully you are at the end of that journey and are recovering well. My lymph node was also clear. You are right, knowing that does help.  
    My best wishes to you x x 

  • So sorry you have to wait. It may be that the tumour was small enough to operate first. That's what I have found is the common thing about treatment plans. Mine was 85mm so they did chemo first to shrink it. It is also grade 2 so not as fast growing as yours. 

    Others are right, the plan will be individual to what they have found with you rather than a one size fits all. 

    Good luck with the rest of your chemo. 

  • Hi cheesewell

    Thank you for your support.  I think you are also right in what you say, their decision was it could be removed, prior to chemo, due to the size. I wish you all the best with the treatment you have planned out for you x x