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TNBC stage 1 grade 3 

waiting for treatment to start.

anyone else in this position x

  • Hi  

    I was diagnosed with TNBC, stage 1, grade 3 in April 2022. I had a lumpectomy which was then followed up with adjuvant chemotherapy and radiotherapy. My treatment finished in January this year.

    What is your treatment plan?

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  • They just said chemo,surgery,radiotherapy I’ve not got any dates yet.

    i can’t eat,no energy,feel sick wondering around like a zombi 

    my whole body feels like concrete 

  • So it sounds like you're having chemotherapy before surgery and then this will be followed by radiotherapy. I had a lumpectomy, rather than a mastectomy, so can answer any questions you might have about that. I coped well with chemotherapy and found radiotherapy the easiest of the three treatments.

    While waiting for treatment to start I tried to eat healthily and continue with gentle exercise to help my body prepare for what was coming. Of course we're all different but I found that doing things I enjoyed helped take my mind off the 'what ifs'. 

    You might find this information from Macmillan on cancer and your emotions helpful, especially as it has a section on physical symptoms of your feelings. You might also want to talk things through with your GP who should be able to offer you help with coping.

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  • Thankyou I will try and get out and clear my head,I’m still working at present so that helps a little.

    i also have 2 young children to keep me busy.

    i just seem to be wrapped up in dark thoughts.

    how sick will I get?

    when will my hair fall out?

    will I lose tons of weight?

    what surgery are they going to offer me ?

    sorry I don’t mean to go on and on but I don’t know anyone around me who’s been through this xx

  • When you say "how sick will I get" I assume you mean while you're having chemotherapy. You might be like me and not suffer from sickness at all. I had two different types of chemo. The first one was given three weeks apart and for the first 10 days after I had the chemo I just felt a bit under the weather but the remainder of the time I felt as right as rain. This happened each of the three times. 

    Before having the chemo I was given anti sickness tablets to take and sent home with a pack 'just in case'. However, I didn't need them

    I did lose my hair after about a month but before I started chemo I had my long hair cut short and bought a selection of head coverings and also a wig. While having the second type of chemo, which I had weekly for 12 weeks, my hair started to grow back. The second type was easier than the first and I had no side effects at all.

    It's unlikely that you'll lose weight and they weigh you every week at the chemo unit to make sure that you remain the same. The chemo that you're given is made up specially for you and is based on things like your weight so they like you to try and keep your weight steady.

    I hope this helps a bit in showing you that chemotherapy doesn't necessarily mean you're going to feel ill.

    Anne x

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  • Hi  

    I was diagnosed with Grade 3 TNBC in May 2023. The first month was the hardest as I felt like nothing was happening and it was being left to grow unchecked inside of me. Once I had my surgery I was loads better and felt more in control. The surgery was easy as I had a lumpectomy and recovered in a day or 2 (just had to be careful about lifting the littlest one). 

    i started Chemo in Sept and have 1 more round to go. It’s been hard for me at times but doable. My biggest issue has been my loss of taste (really made me feel crap about eating). Everyone reacts differently to the chemo and you’ll have to wait to see what your body does. Hopefully it copes well. I’ve put weight on due to the steroids and being less mobile than normal (going to have to do some serious exercise before I go back to work!). 

    I tried the cold cap with the first round of chemo but it was EC and my hair started coming out after 2 weeks. I just shaved it off and am so glad I did. I’ve not really thought much about it since and use head coverrings. I had long curly hair before this all started and donated it rather than see it go to waste.

    I have a 6 & 4 year old which is hard some days. If you have support, use it. I’m really lucky to have both sides of the family near who take the boys some days or do the school run for me. Is there someone to help with your children if you’re having a bad day? 

    Good luck with everything, 

  • A huge Thankyou to each and everyone of you firstly for being so open about your process & secondly for helping me through what feels like the end of the world.

    i have got up with a diffrent outlook today and can actually function knowing I’m not alone.

    i do know o have a steep hill to climb but step by step I’m sure I will get to the top.

    so again much love to you all xxx

  • Be kind to yourself. I googled TNBC when I was first diagnosed (I know I shouldn’t have!!!). I then cried for the first month. I was a mess. It gets easier. I still have bad days when I get upset and go down the ‘what if’ road but it’s much less often now. 

  • Hi Duffy09

    I totally agree with the response that you received from Latchbrook. I was diagnosed with TNBC in July 2022, I went on two types of chemo and of course I was apprehensive as to what might happen to me. I had such good nurses that reassured me that I would be fine, had anti sickness tablets etc before the chemo and given everything needed for home use if required, which I didn't need. I had 6 cycles of chemo to shrink the tumour and it worked, I lost my hair after the first cycle, which I was ready for too, my husband gave me a number 1 shave which helped and I wore lovely headwear. Your team of nurses will be there for you and you will get through it. I wish you all the best with your journey. Xx