Bikini for us after mastectomy

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So diagnosed with TNBC last July, had 15 sessions of chemo, mastectomy 6 weeks looking forward to family holiday whoop whoop!.  Well I've searched every website known to man for a bikini that is suitable for us who now only have one boob and a prosthetic, Not 1 in a D cup that isn't flipping horrible.  Seriously there is a whole in the market.  Please tell me if you have found somethng suitable for a size 16 that isn't a body cover up.  Think we should be proud of our shapes and sizes, I've put on 2.5 stone through my treatment, but who cares if I want to wear a skimpy bikini with my larger self hanging out!  it's my body my choice.  Ok rant over feel better already 

  • Hi SJP70

    Welcome to the forum and sorry to hear that you have been diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer.  While I don't have an answer for you about the bikini  noticed that you haven't had any replies yet so I thought I'd reply to you to welcome you to the community.  I suggest that you also join the breast cancer group as that's a much busier group than this one and there are plenty of ladies with triple negative on there.  Here's the link: (+) Breast cancer forum - Macmillan Online Community.

    I have to say I love your attitude about body sizes and shapes, I totally agree with you.  Enjoy your family holiday.

    Best wishes


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