lumpectomy or mastectomy

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So diagnosed with TNBC 22nd July then started chemo, one more left to do after Christmas before I then have surgery. As my lump has shrunk I can have lumpectomy however I want mastectomy as feel while breast tissue is still there it can come back. Anyone else share experience?

  • Hi SJP70

    Welcome to the forum and sorry to hear that you were diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer. While it’s completely up to you whether you want to have a lumpectomy or a mastectomy you should know that a mastectomy doesn’t guarantee that it won’t come back as some breast tissue is left after a mastectomy.

    Wishing you the best of luck with your surgery whatever you decide to do.

    Best wishes


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  • Hi Sjp70. 
    Hope your well. I finished my 6 mths of chemo for Tnbc in December and I was to have a mastectomy on Tuesday 17th but the night before I had a phone from breast care nurse to say they’d had a meeting and decided a Sentinal lymph node biopsy/lumpectomy would be first course of action. 
    I must admit I have had worrying thoughts but I’ve gone with what was recommended by my consultant. 
    Now recovering feeling appreciative and sore !! 
    Hugs x

  • Well done and good luck x

  • Good luck to you too x

  • Hi 

    can I ask how your getting on after deciding to have lumpectomy instead of mastectomy !! Hope you’re ok and treatment is going well . 

  • Hi I decided on Mastectomy as my tnbc initially covered 6cm area I was border line and best option was total removal. I'm really glad I made this choice, my wound healed great and I'm on the list for reconstruction.

  • Hi

    I’ll be honest with you,I’m still numb and uncomfortable. I’m going thru 15 rounds of radiotherapy at the moment which is has been fine up to now,just starting to feel more tired and sore. In some ways I wished I hadn’t accepted their decision as apparently this is an “awkward” cancer according to the oncologist! Seeing him again tomorrow then number 11 will be done. 
    I can see you had a mastectomy pleased for you and that it’s all gone well. Well done. 
    My cancer had spread over 13 lymph nodes and was over 7cm  but chemo shrunk the tumour. 

  • Bless you, all the best for your recovery, stay strong! x

  • I was diagnosed with TNBC on the 23rd March and because my tumour was 1.6 cm they decided to do lumpectomy and 4 lymph node removal in 22 nd April . I go back this week for results of the surgery . I’m yet to have a plan of treatment , I have a lot of aches and pains so I’m worried it has already spread !! It’s so terrifying waiting for the next stage .Good luck with the rest of your journey xx