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ive just started treatment ( chemo )

I am mentally struggling with the thought of losing my hair.

i have tried every bit of headwear I can get my hands on.

i just don’t suit any of it.

i know there are bigger things to be stressing over but out of all the journey this was has me beat.

do I also shave before it falls or just let it fall ?


  • Hi Duffy09

    i worried about hair loss too, but never considered shaving it off. I waited til it started to drop out, which happened about a week after my second cycle. It was pretty dramatic but I just had it cut very short to match what was left, as it didn’t all disappear. I then bought a really good wig and no one knew the difference. I wasn’t keen on any sort of head gear either, but I’m sure you’ll find something that suits if/when the time comes. I found an inexpensive turban on Amazon I think in the end, and that was fine for round the house. 
    Please don’t worry, just concentrate on getting through the treatment. Good luck and I hope all goes well for you. 

  • Hi Duffy09,

    Ive just finished Chemo and Radiotherapy for triple negative breast cancer. My hair started falling out after the second week of EC. I didn’t like the sensation of long strands of hair falling out so I had it cropped. During the summer, I wore head scarfs, I watched tutorials online. In the colder months I wore hats and at night a soft skull cap. I’ve found more and more I go without anything and it’s actually quite empowering. People don’t react negatively. 
    I did have long thick dark hair, which I always considered my crowning glory but now it’s growing back and I’m looking forward to trying some new styles. 
    Best of luck with your treatment 


  • Hello Duffy 09 

    Sorry to hear that you’re starting chemo soon  

    I am too this week and like you I really don’t want to lose my hair. I’m sure it will grow back but looking completely different. I’ve always had long hair so it will seem very strange. 

    I’ve bought some hats from Annabandana and I’m going to get a wig too and hope for the best  I’m planning to have a short hair cut as a half way house 

    will you try cold capping? 

    Hoping your treatment goes well and you’re soon feeling less stressed 

  • Hi Kaza1, had my first chemo this morning, feeling tired but otherwise ok so far. Cold cap not nearly as bad as I feared. After first 15 minutes or so not too bad at all.  Main issue was how often I had to go to the toilet!!!  Hope everything ok for your first treatment x

  • Glad all went well Kiiaa and that you managed well with the cold cap.
    Ha ha - I was just wondering how to cope with loo stops if I’m drinking so much water Laughing 

    Hope you dont have too many side effects and make sure you rest well and look after yourself x

  • Definitely wear something with an elastic waist band Joy

  • I have always had long hair, I had it cut short and loved it! I got a wig which was nicer than my own hair. I was going to do the cold cap but decided not to bother. The hair loss has been the least of my problems. It's not bothered me as much as I thought it would. Quite liberating! 

  • Hi there I totally understand the hair loss thing. I wasn't that bothered about it I was more worried about other side effects (I have emitophobia)  . I also saw women sitting there for longer times than needed when having chemo because they had cold caps on and it was difficult to go to the toilet for them. It's a personal thing I suppose. I cried when I lost my hair but I got used to it and got some hats. I'm not really into wigs. It started growing back fairly quickly after I finished chemo. Don't put yourself under any pressure and take each week as it comes. Best of luck x

  • I had my first chemo yesterday which was quite emotional as it’s the point of no return when you sit in the chair for then first time. 
    I got moved around a few times because people needed the cold capping chairs and I did wonder if I should have tried as I’m worried about losing my hair.  Just lately my hair has got very tangly - maybe the stress so I think I’ve made the right choice for me. 
    Not feeling too bad today just a bit tired but did wash my hair (very gently) and  go for a little walk. 
    There are so many new things to cope with but I guess we have to take it Just One Day at a time. 
    Sending hugs. Hugging 

  • Sending hugs back Kaza1, first week so emotional, one day at a time. X