Aches / shooting pains in armpits / breasts / shoulders

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Hi all, 

I was diagnosed with TNBC back in June in my right breast, Stage 2 and in my lymph nodes. I have just started cycle 4 of PC and immunotherapy. In the last week I've experienced aches in both armpits and then shooting pains down into both of my breasts. I've spoken to both oncologist and my support nurse who have said this is common and nothing to worry about. However, today my shoulders really ache and I have the same shooting pains going through to my shoulder blade on the right side, plus a pain up from my picc line. I don't want to keep phoning with every ache and pain but am a little concerned that it's become worse? Anyone else experience this? 

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    I didn't have the aches and pains that you're experiencing but please do contact the chemo/immuno hotline number you would have been given, especially as you mention that you are getting pain from your pic line. The nurses would rather you contact them than not.


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