Mastectomy choice

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I have TNBC and just finished my last Chemo. I have a date for mastectomy but they will only do one breast as the other one has no cancer, can I insist I have bilateral mastectomy? I'm so worried it will come back in my good breast

  • Hello SJP70,

    I’m in the same situation as you.  Been today for results of mammogram and it seems the cancer is heading through the lymph nodes towards the breast so as a precaution he’s taking the breast off and I said please do a double but he won’t   Apparently it’s for fear of infection,which we don’t want ! So I’m in Tuesday morning home for tea   
    Good luck love and hugs xx

  • I had a dmx I had to see a counsellor first who had to do a report saying my decision was made of rationale and evidence based reasoning. 
    Bear in mind if you have a dmx there will be no follow up scans as there is nothing to scan they will only do a ct after treatment if you have symptoms lasting longer than two weeks because to many scans uses too much radiation raising the risk of cancer. Also the scan is only reliable on the day you have it , many people have scans get told They are clear then a month after start worrying and want another scan. 

  • Hi Dc6

    • There's so much to think of but I’ve not been given any counselling. Just told I need a mastectomy. 
  • Yes I insisted and got a double mastectomy with reconstruction. I got full support from my surgeon he was fantastic. I am third generation BC but no brca Genetics said I have a gene they just don’t know about it yet  I need more chemo but he has offered me to go back for corrective surgery if I’m not happy with my reconstruction, it’s your body don’t feel afraid to speak up. You will need a consultation with a psychiatrist to check the decision is right. 
    hope that helps 

  • Hi Tiger,

    I ended up having a lumpectomy with sentinel node removal last Tuesday   The surgeon had had an mdt meeting day before so there was a change of plan   Waiting for results of pathology next week for next step.  Head all over the place ! X

  • The waiting is the hardest part, I did feel so much lighter to finally get the cancer away I literally skipped onto the surgeons table.

    I didn’t get full response so was very surprised when I was told I was getting radiation and more chemo: I have just finished the radiation and start chemo tablets in 10 days. It was a low blow but back to day by day and bigger picture:

    Hope you’re recovering from your op okay make sure you rest as much as possible Thumbsup tone1 

  • I am a BRACA 2 carrier and saw a breast surgeon for 5 years at Guy's and we formed a positive relationship. In February 2021 I was diagnosed with TNBC. I was clear I wanted a double mastectomy with breast reconstruction.  My surgeon fully supported me. I was also finding annual mammograms a challenge and want3ed to get on with my life.  I had chemo because of the TNBC and it isn't oestrogen receptive. My sentinel nodes were not effected.

    I don't understand why a double mastectomy is denied because of the risk of infection.

    I am pleased my breasts look the same. I have just returned from a holiday in the Caribbean and enjoyed wearing a bikini.

    I hope everything turns out well    

  • Hi Nicky

    i do am having a double mastectomy with reconstruction same operation using tummy.  I am really scared how did you do?  Do you mind me asking your age? TNBC here too


    melissa xx

  • I am 43 diagnosed at 41. I have had implants but after having radiation I now want them removed and to have a flap going to wait till my app in dec as want time to recover from chemo tablets. 
    I know the flap opp is harder recovery but I know people who’ve had it and they said long term it’s been worth it. Good luck with it all let us know how you get on lots of love x

  • Thanks that is great advice I’m a you g 53!! Sorry you are having to go through so much.  Take care and keep us up to date.  My surgery is looking end of August xxx