Enhertu (Trastuzumab deruxtecan)

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Has anyone received Enhertu as a treatment for triple negative breast cancer? My sister has metastatic TNBC and was diagnosed 5 years ago. She was told, only today, that in fact she is actually weakly positive for HER so Enhertu might be a good option.

Any information would be helpful. Thank you x

  • Hi But8

    Welcome to the forum and sorry to hear that your sister has metastatic TNBC.  While I haven't any experience of Enhertu I've notice that you haven't had any answers yet so I thought I'd reply to you anyway.  Might I suggest that you join the breast cancer forum as it's a busier forum than this one and there are plenty of lady with TNBC on there as well. to ask your question The following is the link:  Breast cancer forum.  Also there's a family and friends forum that you can join if you'd like and ask your question there as well.  The following is the link: Family and friends - Discussion Forum.

    Best wishes


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